My Fellows

Emery {2}
Charismatic, intelligent, silly, naughty, loving. Unhealthy obsession with wheels and tires. Loves to point out "cucks" and "jeeps" driving down the road. Constantly testing himself and learning his limits. Loves being silly for a reaction. Favorite number is 2. Mama's little monster and ray of sunshine. Wonderful big brother who adores his sister and his usual answer of no or why is always "yes" when it comes to helping with sissy. Loves watching Ice Age, The Lorax, Peter Pan, funny videos and Animal Planet to call things "cuuuuuuteeee". This cuuuuuteee boy is my whole world!

Ethan {5}
Serious and intelligent. Loves his daddy more than anything. Loves learning and asking so many questions that daddy and I want to stuff our ears sometimes. He loves hotwheels, "cool cars" and really wants us to own a Hummer. Fearless 4 wheeler driver. "Doing fun stuff" equates to going to Grandma and Papa's house. He has a new found love for War, "Flap" Jack and Uno. He is obsessed with sissy and loves smooching on her and talking about how cute she is.

Nathan {10}
Math nerd. Loves being a big brother. Always teaching his brothers something. Obsessed with Lego's and K'Nex. Loves building things, playing board games (especially Lego ones). Loves computers, video games and movies. Not as into adventerous things. Loves road trips and learning new things. Always willing to take photos when needed and help cook.

Handsome. Selfless. BEST DADDY. EVER! Mechanic for city transportation buses. Loves all his babies and watching them have fun. My other half though sometimes he gets close to being demoted for purposely trying to irritate me for a reaction he can laugh at.  Handy at everything he does, including knowing how to fix my sewing machine and decipher tricky manuals of any sort.