About Mama


I'm Kayla. Also known as Mama, there is no sweeter sound. I grew up in Montana, hunting, fishing, camping, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling and going on adventures with my dad to find things to photograph. Road trips with my mom were always fun and between my parents those things were taught and embedded in my heart. I get more excited than the kids for any of those things. I can't wait for them to experience it and hopefully love it as much as I do. Their daddy loves that stuff too so we're one big adventurous family. I am Mama to the most handsome boy, Emery and we just welcomed the last perfect addition to our family; oyr baby girl Abby. I inherited 2 wonderful boys from the love of my life. I'm a Cosmetologist & Nail Tech. I was working in a barber shop but after having Emery my schedule wasn't flexible enough to go back. Thankfully I am now the Marketing Coordinator for said barber shop and do nails in a Spa. I have been in Spokane, WA since 2oo8 when I moved here for beauty school. 

My tastes are eclectic. I have 4 tattoos but am pretty conservative. I believe that you get what you work towards and nothing should be handed to anyone. How can you appreciate anything you haven't had to work for? I'm crafty and love all the fun kid things I can do. I love ideas and homemade things. I aspire to be a photographer yet learning the ropes with my Canon Rebel XTi. I can see photos that many can't and yet I still need to learn more creativity. I'm logical and spontaneous. Passionate and devoted. Goofy and nerdy. I love natural remedies whether for sickness or cleaning, though Lysol wipes are my favorite cleaning supply. I'm OCD but with 3 kids it's hard to maintain without going INSANE. Boys just do not understand folding towels in thirds and hanging them nicely on the towel rack or lining up their shoes. I've realized life is too short and too important to not just go with the flow. I can have perfectly folded towels when they're all grown up :)

You can find me @krayzid0rk on pinterest, instagram, twitter. 

I met my wonderful 

boyfriend Jake from an online dating site. I hadn't gotten on there to meet anyone, just see what it was all about and there he was. One message turned into hundreds, a night hanging out talking on the couch, 2 dates later and we were attached at the hip. He's a wonderful daddy to his two boys Nathan {10},  Ethan {5}, our little Emery {2} andour little Abby {born March 23, 2o13}

I was told I couldn't have kids and had never gotten pregnant in the 5 years after a miscarriage so I believed it. Apparently they were wrong and everything happens for a reason. It was so fast and so unexpected but 2 1/2 months into our relationship I was pregnant. This made our relationship so much stronger. We've had our ups and downs but here we are 3 years later with our charming, funny, handsome, observant, serious little Emery and now our precious little girl My whole world came together on 4.14.2o11 when I finally got to hold him.

I believe that nothing is impossible. Honesty is crucial. Communication is key and yet I constantly have to work on it. There is beauty in imperfection. There is power in prayer.