Monday, July 1, 2013

Full Steam Ahead.

Whew life is busy with 2 kids and then 4 kids part of the week.

Between kids, work, errands, activities it has been so busy and I feel like I don't have enough hours in a day. I am almost positive that most parents feel that way.

We have such a busy summer planned. We don't have gold passes to Silverwood this year as it wasn't going to be fun with a brand new baby. Just not a good idea to have her out in that heat and the fact that one parent would always have to be switching with the other to go on rides. She would get too cold at Boulder Beach and the parent having to sit out would be scorching! They don't have umbrellas, she wouldn't want to be in the stroller the whole time and being under 6 months she can't have sunscreen so that would definitely not work to have her out in full sun all day. It would be crazy trying to wrangle Emery around while pushing Abby around while the other parent and the bigger kids are on a ride. Not my cup of tea. Just typing that raised my heartrate and made me break a sweat, ha ha ha.

The boys will be at their other home from 8am-8pm on the 4th of July. Daddy works overtime so I will be picking them up and then we may go to daddy's work to watch a few with him and his coworkers. Nothing super exciting.

The next day Jake's friend, wife and kids will be up camping so we are going to go up there for the day and relax.

July 21-24th we are going to MT to see my mom and sister. I hope my dad can make it to meet his grandkids for the first time. I mean Emery is 2 and all, it's getting a little ridiculous. I understand he may actually be working this time and probably won't...just wish he would make more of an effort sometime.

We have the boys for almost about 12 days that middle of July week and it will be so fun and so hectic!

September 14-17 we are going to the Ocean and camping. We will be without Nathan and Ethan but it will be nice to have a more relaxed camping trip and not cost a fortune. Mommy and daddy deserve a few days to relax in nature without all 4 crazies.

I'm sure the thought of camping with an infant is incredulous. However we are going to rock this. Since about 6 weeks she has been a great sleeper. Lately she hasn't even been waking up in the middle of the night to eat so we're talking a good 10-12 hours of sleep for the girl. Man, our babies rock!!! I will have her layered up in clothes and then stick her in a fleece sleep sack. If the pack and play bassinet doesn't work for her then she will just end up on the air mattress with Jake and I. She's a great sleeper when she sleeps with us so I am not worried at all. Emery was a piece of cake last year and he was just barely a year old so I think it will be fun.

I will be trying to find a carrier other than the Moby so we can easily pack and up and go somewhere without me dragging the Moby on the ground as I try to get all wrapped up. We may have to take it for daddy though.

We went to REI to try on the Ergo Performance baby carrier and it worked ok. However my 2nd reason for wanting it was that Emery could be carried as well, especially on daddy's back. This was not gonna work for us. The chest strap slid up and was strangling Jake on the Adam's apple. We had it all adjusted properly and still didn't work for him. So I am not sure what we will do there. Hopefully we can figure it out before September.

I am just so excited for our plans this summer. I can't wait to create more memories with the kids and be out in nature. I hope to instill my love of camping...the real deal with tents...into our kids. The 2 oldest are getting to the age where I can start teaching. They should know some survival things, how to start a fire etc. It will be exciting to get to teach them about nature.

Hopefully I will have as much of a blast as I am envisioning and that I will have time to write about it!

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  1. We took the pack n play and Lucas did amazing camping! I think it was being outdoors that made it easier, the fresh air ect. Hope you guys have fun! We are planning our camping trip with all 4 soon,... *fingers crossed* We have done it before but they are all older know and tend to complain more haha