Thursday, May 9, 2013

An effort to change our lives and health {Part 1}

I like to say I'm a little bit of a hippy at heart. I think maybe it started with my childhood obsession of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I wanted to be her, I wanted to live her life where they lived with simplicity. They farmed, they cooked, they crafted and they mothered. I would pretend I was her and play house...and then puberty hit and I was out of that phase.

Now as a mama it is back in full force. My mom is into chiropractic care and after knowing personally the benefits I am all for it. I honestly tell people about it allll the time. That and probiotics. I'm preaching that alllll day long.

I just laugh at the stuff my mom gets into. Cleanses, making her own kefir water and the list goes on. I get this kind of crazy from my mother. Thanks mama!

My most recent interest is essential oils. I knew of a few benefits before this class. I mean I went to Cosmetology school and one of the first things you learn is that Tea Tree Oil can deter lice, it can help cure up a nail fungus or psoriasis of the scalp etc.

I myself put tea tree oil in coconut oil, mix a little with baking soda and use that as a face scrub. Gently exfoliates, moisturizes with the coconut oil and the tea tree oil fought off those awful breakouts I would get when I was pregnant. Now I use it to keep the black heads at bay. I even used it on Emery who was getting a weird little rash started and everyone said "NOOO IT LOOKS LIKE RINGWORM." That word alone disgusted me and I was running for my little container of Tea Tree and Coconut oil on day 2 of it being there. GONE the next morning.

I just recently went to a class that a friends mom hosted. HOOKED! Did you know that TTO on a cotton ball in your ear a few times a day can cure an ear infection? Nope I sure didn't and I wish I knew a year and a half ago. Back when Emery literally had an ear infection once a month. It took us 5 months of stupid antibiotics which I hate but nothing was helping until...chiropractic. 3 adjustments and he's never had another one since and we avoided tubes.

Peppermint oil on your hands and held cupped over eyes infected with pink eye can clear up the pink eye.

Lavender can be used on cuts, scrapes, burns etc.

Eucalyptus can be used on the feet to stop coughing in a kiddo.

Essential oils are the ONLY thing that can kill a virus. Viral illness, well the doctors tell ya "sorry, gotta wait it out." Uh nope, just invest in some high grade essential oils and there is one for everything out there! Kill that nasty little virus with a few drops of EO.

I've been putting Lavender oil on Abby's feet and temples at night time. The girl falls asleep so much quicker and sleeps more soundly.

My allergies? OUT. OF. CONTROL. I have been taking my allergy medicine for 3 weeks now. My nose is so dry inside that it hurts to breathe. I thought it was from the air and allergies. It's really from the allergy medicine drying out the mucous membranes. Ya know, to prevent that allergy nasal drip. YICK. My nose seriously hurts to rub and it itches SO BAD. My eyes, itch like crazy. I wake myself up "clucking" as I call it. Ya know that trick where you try to itch the back of your throat with your tongue? Please tell me I'm not the only one? I know I'm not because I catch Jake doing it all the time and have to tell him he's clucking and to go take some medicine.

Well the wonderful lady who taught the class saw my complaint on facebook and brought me some samples. She brought me lavender, lemon and peppermint and gave me the dosing instructions. I'm not messing with these allergies so I decided to skip rubbing the oils on my feet and take them internally to get it going faster. {note: do not ingest essential oils unless you have a high grade one that is safe. ie: doTERRA}. I am going to see how well this works. I guarantee it will and I'm excited about it. The less chemicals I'm putting into my body the better.

In fact, the peppermint tasted so good and felt amazing on my lips to the point I was immediately about to mix some up in some coconut oil and make a lip balm. I decided to forgo that as I need the oils for my allergies, much more important than amazingly cool and tingly lips.

So this is the start of my journey on EO. I will hopefully be using them for more things...such as making my own tooth paste, my own soap (since I knew triclosan was horrible but the fact that the FDA is now worried...that right there shows how bad it is when the money hungry FDA shows concern), making our own cleaning supplies and ridding our home of the chemicals, etc. I have a couple classes that I will go to such as how to empty out your medicine cabinet and use EO instead of pills. How to make your own homemade cleaners and all that safe stuff.

So here is to Part 1. Follow along if you like.

My question: has anyone used EO and had good results? I love hearing stories of the things I'm into :)

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  1. This is very interesting...recently I've gotten more into smoothies and raw eating, but this is intriguing. Thanks for sharing! Who does the parties for the EO?