Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Abby

You are one VERY loved little girl. I think you are incredibly lucky to have 3 big brothers...especially when they adore you as much as they do.

I can't even count the number of times Ethan has come up to give you hugs and kisses today. When Emery was a baby Ethan was 2 weeks from turning 3 so he wasn't as into the baby thing. Now that he is almost 5 he understands so much more.

Emery is almost 2 but it blows my mind how good he is with you. He always touches you gently (except once he kind of smacked your head for some unknown reason out of the blue, he was still gentle and it didn't phase you), he gives you kisses all the time, helps wipe up your burps, helps mama get you a diaper or grab the wipes, finds your binky and tells you "take it" yet never puts it in your mouth, drags the carseat to us to get you loaded up and he loves brushing your hair. He also demands "hold it, sissy" when he wants to hold you and a meltdown ensues if he doesn't get to. He will practically try to fight Ethan for the chance. It's pretty adorable when he mimics me and says "sissy girl" and "its ok sissy girl". He will get jealous of Ethan on daddy's lap but has never gotten jealous of mama or daddy holding you. Lucky you! He's a stink about his possessions.

Nathan, well he always loves babies and this is the one time he can be up in someone's face and its allowed since you can't see very far yet. Being 10 years older it will be interesting to see the bond between you. He obviously loves you but is very.reserved in his affection...unless its before bed and then he never fails to ask for loves to avoid bedtime for a few seconds longer.

Your daddy and I are so in love with you. Everyday I'm in awe that we actually got a girl and you were so unexpected!!! Your daddy loves buying you shoes, mama is on a kick for "head accessories" as your Papa and Grandma call them. I have tons of pinterest tutorials up on how to make you lots of cute bows, flowers and head bands. You wore one for the first time yesterday and you were stinking adorable. I thought daddy would roll his eyes but he agreed that you were so pretty. Your daddy loves his babies and you can tell he's secretly madly in love with you...and I adore it. You're so lucky to have him as a daddy and I know he's gonna be wrapped around that ungodly long pinky of yours.

I can't wait to see how grow and how beautiful you will be.

Mama loves you honey girl!

(I will have to add the photos of Nathan and Ethan holding you later since they're on my camera and I'm typing this from my phone as I nurse you)

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