Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cue the excuses

I have about 4 blog posts half drafted. I always think of them at night as I'm laying in bed. I want to get up and pound them out on the keyboard but then I start calculating the risks of waking up the baby and how much sleep I'll be granted if she sleeps her 4 hour stretch or wakes earlier. Therefore they sit in the draft box because I can't gather the thoughts during the day or I don't want to try to write them and be nagged on that I'm wasting our quality time together before Jake goes to work.

Mind you today is our 3 year anniversary. He went to a friend's house to work on his car....and bullshit and drink beer and stayed out till nearly 1am. that leads to being tired and falling asleep on the couch.

I was so irritated to not have anything special to door him even remember it and do something thoughtful that I went and laid in bed and took a cat nap while he napped on the couch with the baby. What a lame day.

I think since he gets his guy time guilt free ill start taking my laptop to Starbucks, getting a coffee and reading my blogs and writing a few posts guilt free and without child or daddy interruptions.

We will see how that goes and until I start that those posts will probably continue to sit in the draft folder.

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