Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mama made muslin swaddle blankets

Once I discovered I was expecting a little girl I just pictured fun girly colors for everything. I also knew I wanted to try to the cozy looking muslin swaddle blankets I saw everywhere. However I didn't want the price tag attached to 3 or 4 Aden and Anais swaddles. I decided to look into making my own. I found my inspiration here. Jake and I ran all over town looking for the muslin. Joanne's didn't have it, none at Hancock Fabrics, none at a little hometown fabric store in the Garland District. So I had to get online and research. I thankfully found a site that had the right fabric ( I was hoping so anyway!) and ordered up a bunch. I don't remember how much I ordered. But enough to make four swaddle blankets and have a little side piece left for some burp cloths.

Mind you I started all of this back in October. I got the fabric right before we left to Montana November 8th. Once we got back I was so inspired that I sat down, measured twice, cut once and was ready to go.

I finished 2 sides of the first blanket and then somehow it was forgotten. I went back to it 3 months later and was SO frustrated with my sewing machine. Once I figured out that Emery had played with the tension dial and I corrected that I was able to finish the one blanket and do 2 or 3 edges on the 2nd blanket. This took forever because I was having to fold it 1/4" an inch, pin, go back fold over another 1/4" and re pin before I could sew. Then I tried ironing it but was still pinning and then ironing. I was just  over how long it was taking. So it was set aside again. 

2 months later I finally got the motivation to just sit down and finish the damn things because she could come any day! I don't know what overcame me but I changed how I folded and ironed without pinning and whipped them all out in just a couple hours. WHEW!

Then it was onto dying them. I followed this tutorial for the most part. I wet the blanket down, put some salt into the bowl. I didn't measure it out as I wasn't doing a ton of cloth. The RIT site calls for 1 cup of salt but holy wow that is a lot for one thin little blanket.

I wanted the coral color from the first tutorial so I used a little tangerine and a little fuchsia. I wasn't sure if it was going to look how I wanted and looked way more pink during the process. Once I rinsed and washed it was perfect!

With the second one I decided I didn't like the color the teal produced on the RIT website so I just added a little bit and more water to water it down a bit. Oh I loved the turquoise!

The third blanket I just couldn't decide on. I slept on it and this morning I just decided to do some fuchsia with a tiny pinch of teal. It was looking way too pale of a purple so I added a tiny bit more teal and it turned out great. I think the purple is my favorite surprisingly.

I am over the moon with how the turned out. The fabric was perfect and looks so good with color. I cannot wait to snuggle her up in them. As you can see I practiced with Emery after I had finished edging the first blanket, he was an adorable little swaddle taco.

Now I'm anxious to see what else I can dye. I love watching the changes and just how pretty the colors are...bring on the clothes :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

week by week: 38

How far along: 38 weeks
How big is baby: not sure. Our midwife was unable to guesttimate how big she may be as she is posterior so all she can feel is arms and legs and no little bottom. Hopefully on Wednesday she will be able to feel more. She said she will be a good size baby. To me that is 7 or 8lbs, closer to 8. She definitely better not be 9. Then again I am HUGE!
Total weight gain: 27lbs as of 37 weeks and 5 days. Hopefully not much gain this week.
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Still staying up too late with Jake. It also HURTS to roll over now. The pressure as I roll to my back is overwhelming and then slowly rolling from my back to my side everything pops and cracks.
Best moment these weeks: Ethan being such a great big brother. He asked "so when is the girl coming?" and as I finished projects for her he was so enthusiastic about how pretty they were.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: A friend on Facebook posted a picture of a tuna melt and now I want one so badly!
Movement: Seems like she is spending a little less time face up so not feeling as much. Still get my jabs though that keep me from worrying.
Labor Signs: none.
Belly Button in or out: in
Stretch marks: Nothing too new besides them being pink at the top. Rubbing coconut oil on them just to keep moisturized.
What I miss: not being sick! Thankfully I got some antibiotics for the sinus infection but this morning I was hacking my lungs out from drainage and woke up with an ear infection. Thankfully had Emery's ear drops left over from his a long time ago and made Jake put a couple in.
What I am looking forward to: seeing my family tomorrow. Our last trip and praying I don't go into labor.

Obsessing Over: Finishing up her projects which I finally accomplished. Jake had some nesting kick I think and cleaned the house 2 days in a row which motivated me to get on it. Thank goodness for that man :) <3 br="">
Anticipating: The next two weeks. Practically all ready for her!
Listening To: Emery yelling "mom" from his bed so I can get him up from nap time.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

week by week: 37

How far along: 37 weeks
How big is baby:
Total weight gain: Right about 27lbs. Still doing ok weight wise. I didn't gain any from week 35 to 36 but suddenly jumped up 5 lbs. I'm wondering if she just wasn't gaining as much and I was eating a ton of salads (upping my Vit K naturally) and then suddenly she just had a growth spurt.
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Not getting as much, I've stayed up late on the weekends with Jake so I'm not clocking 12 hours anymore.
Best moment these weeks: Everyone being anxious. No one is bugging me, but everyone is rallying for her. Talk about one loved little girl!
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: I don't crave a whole lot. Most stuff just doesn't even sound good and I have to find myself something that sounds ok.
Movement: She has slowed down a little bit, I can still feel her rolling around and tons of hiccups at night. She is still face up so I am supposed to be doing lots of hands and knees to get her to flip to face down. I will probably feel a lot less when she starts laying that way.
Labor Signs: none.
Belly Button in or out: in but getting stretched thin.
Stretch marks: My old ones from Emery are growing at the top because I've been carrying her so high. Emery lifted up my shirt the other day to rub my belly, points at a stretch mark and says "coloring!" I told him that he and sissy had grown big in my belly and that's why I have coloring marks on my tummy.
What I miss: Not being sick. Fighting this crap for a month has gotten old.
What I am looking forward to: meeting our girl!

Obsessing Over: Finishing things up for her arrival.
Anticipating: What she looks like. I can't stop wondering what her hair will be like.
Listening To: a movie on tv.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

week by week: 36

How far along: 36 weeks
How big is baby: getting big. I didn't ask today how big she thought she might be.
Total weight gain: about 22 lbs. I didn't gain any weight from my last appointment 2 weeks ago. Exactly the same. Booyah :)
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Best night of sleep 2 nights ago. Other than that the past week or two has been hit and miss with a sick stuffy child. Emery fell off the bed at the hotel in Portland so he slept between Jake and I....props to the parents who can co-sleep and still function the next day.
Best moment these weeks: I always look forward to Emery getting excited about sissy's appointments. He always says "sissy 'pointment! sissy heartbeat!"
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: Can't seem to think of anything. I've been eating a lot of salads lately but not necessarily a craving.
Movement: Still active as ever. Nothing has changed there.
Labor Signs: none.
Belly Button in or out: in
Stretch marks: She's starting to stretch them out. She's staying so high in my belly that the ones I had with Emery are growing from where they stopped. Either way it doesn't bother me. I never flaunted this belly to begin with so I will take my tiger stripes over a bikini any day.
What I miss: Not having heartburn every day.
What I am looking forward to: getting really anxious to meet her.

Obsessing Over: Getting things in order. I need to finish this up and finish her muslin swaddle blankets. I have barely 3 weeks left and she could come anytime. I still have yet to finish sewing them, dying them, packing a hospital bag, making a labor oil, assembling my birth photo mood board etc. Too much to do! Also stressing out about who will watch the boys if we have them when she comes...praying she comes on a day when they aren't with us.
Anticipating: everything.
Listening To: the boys playing.

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