Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Sister - Take 2

Here is what we know as of W28D6
-We still have a girl, definitely a girl.
-She's measuring in at 3lb 11oz.
-Height unknown because when they get this big they go by weight rather than height because they're smooshed in there.
-She's an acrobat, her feet and hands were by her face. She is not an octopus even though it feels like it!
-She is camera shy! (She better get over that REALLY quick).
-She was lying on her side with head on the left, just like Emery always did. So like Jake said with Emery, they get so pissed when I lay on my left side because who likes standing on their head all night?!
-I think she looks just like Emery when he was born.
-Her head and belly were measuring 31 weeks and 5 or 6 days but with other measurements she is right about 30 weeks 6 days to 31 weeks 3 days.
-She's in the 96th percentile so we're right on target if you ask me.
-Amniotic fluid was 14.7 which the ultrasound tech said was good, so that got rid of the worry that I have lots of fluid or not enough.
-I was only 3cm bigger this week and not 4 like my last appointment so I think we're doing ok. I doubt she will be huge, I just feel that way is all.
-We got to see her practice breathing. Her little belly would fill up and then empty as she took her practice breaths. Cue the "awww".

I really wish we could have seen her face more but she constantly hand her hand up there and placenta was in the way as well just like our last ultrasound.

We were just so happy to see our little miss. I got so emotional seeing her little face and being able to picture her. It was bonding in a way I couldn't with Emery because we didn't get 3D or even another ultrasound with him other than our gender one at 17 weeks.

I can't wait to meet her and smooch on those chubby cheeks of hers.

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