Thursday, January 31, 2013

week by week: 31

How far along: 31 weeks
How big is baby:huge I'm thinking
Total weight gain:less than 20 lbs
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Well I woke up from 3am to about about 6:30am so not so great last night.
Best moment these weeks:
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: nothing really
Movement: She is all over the place!
Labor Signs: Just some crampy Braxton Hicks
Belly Button in or out: in
Stretch marks: nothing new but I think they're going to start showing up soon. Time to start using the coconut oil.
What I miss:my pelvis not feeling like it's going to split open
What I am looking forward to:meeting my girl, I'm starting to get SO anxious!

Obsessing Over: making her things. I think that is how I nest lol
Working On: work stuff, this post and dinner.
Anticipating: our baby shower.
Listening To: I decided to let the boys watch Spongebob even though I cannot stand that show whatsoever.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

week by week: 30

How far along: 30 weeks
How big is baby: over the 95th percentile
Total weight gain:about 16lbs
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Doing ok lately
Best moment these weeks: I'm a week behind and can't seem to remember anything about last week lol
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: Can't seem to think of anything.
Movement: Still active as ever. She seemed a little more quiet for a few days but I'm sure it was due to positioning.
Labor Signs: none.
Belly Button in or out: in
Stretch marks: nothing new
What I miss: sleeping on my back.  I'll wake up on my back in a panic because I don't know how long I've laid there and how much oxygen I may have deprived her of.
What I am looking forward to:possibly a 3rd ultrasound

Obsessing Over: Finalizing a name.
Anticipating: Baby shower, a name, meeting her.
Listening To: the boys singing the clean up song to get Emery to help

30 Week Appt

Today we had our 30 week appointment. Tomorrow is 31 weeks. That means about 9 weeks left to go. 2 weeks ago when I was at 11 weeks it seemed like FOREVER left to go but now down to single digits as of tomorrow and I wanna FREAK OUT.

You don't even want to see Emery and the baby's room. We don't have enough room. I got a hanging organizer for the closet for her burp rags, blankets and swaddles but nowhere for all her clothes. It's freaking ridiculous! All our random shit is just thrown in her crib.

What I need to do yet:
-Get her storage bin out of her crib and put her bigger size clothes in it.
-Find somewhere else to put her car seat so it's not IN HER BED!
-Finish sewing her swaddle blankets.
-Dye her swaddle blankets.
-Buy a baby book.
-Clean our closet.
-Put crap from our room into our closet.
-Set up her bassinet in our room and get it ready for her.
-Take birthing suite tour and complete pre-registration.
-Decide on a middle name for sure and stick with it.
-Tons more but I'm too tired to think of what else right off the top of my brain dead head.

Today her heart rate was 152. We saw our 6th and final midwife.

Thankfully she was really sweet and I liked her. If it comes down to not having MY midwife deliver the baby then there are the other 2 that I like and 3 others that are ok, just not my favorite.

I am measuring 3 cm's ahead still. I think she said baby was measuring 32 weeks on our ultrasound and we had that done a day shy of 30 weeks. That puts her at the 97th percentile. She stated that she will keep watching me as I get farther along because of how big she is BUT that I am steadily growing in size and she's not just making huge leaps and bounds in size so there probably is not a major medical reason why she's getting so big. I just made sure that I told her that daddy is 6'4'' and at our 18 week ultrasound she was right on target and just in the 95th percentile for height so I'm not really worried about her being a huge baby, just long.

She may send us for another ultrasound as we get farther along in the game. We might get to see our baby for a 3rd time? AWWW.

So who knows! We just may have this girl early.

I got questions from both the nurse and Renata if I had any preterm labor signs. No all around thankfully. I think they double checked because I said for 5 days I had been nauseous and had a little headache but it was especially bad yesterday. I know those can be signs of preeclampsia so they probably just wanted to be able to scratch that one off.

I'm glad they didn't use the word "induce" with me, though still plenty of time for them to spring that on us since we still have 9 weeks left. I also hope they don't try to pull the "she's too big to fit through your pelvis" line. I won't fall for that. Being a midwife I don't think they will push that. This is exactly why I chose a midwife and not an OB. I know what my body was made for and that it's completely capable of having a baby. I don't need a bunch of stress to worry about. Predictions don't mean anything and ultrasounds can be off by up to 2lbs either way.

She also asked if I had my tdap or flu shot. I told her I had gotten my tdap right after Emery was born and that I'm not interested in the flu shot. No questions asked. I'm glad that I wasn't questioned or pushed.

I scheduled our last three 2 week appointments and after that we go to 1 week appointments.

Parking was ATROCIOUS yet again at that damn hospital. I hope it's not like that when we check in because I might freak out on someone. With Emery we had no idea where I was supposed to get out or park at and we spent time driving around. The last thing I want is to be dealing with contractions and waiting for people to get the hell out of the way, through the parking gates and parked somewhere in that garage that is horribly small and cramped and no one knows how to park. They couldn't possibly have a worse set up for a hospital.

Next appointment is the 6th and we will see how things go at that visit.

Under Construction

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

week by week: 29

How far along: 29 weeks
How big is baby:3lb 11oz
Total weight gain:ugh too much. I think I've gained a little bit more this pregnancy than my last. Which is weird because I feel like I've eaten so much better this go around.
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Doing ok. I get about a good 12 hours on a good night. I can't go less than that because with all the pee breaks and rolling over when my side goes numb I lose time...and I NEED that time. Jake NEEDS me to have that time or I'm a cranky girl.
Best moment these weeks: Seeing our adorable baby on the ultrasound!
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: a freaking mango margarita from Chili's
Movement: She's been nuts and then for 3-4 days she really slowed down and i was a little worried.
Labor Signs: Nothing yet. Think I've had a few Braxton Hicks, I get menstrual crampy feeling so I think that's what it is.
Belly Button in or out: Still in, I doubt it'll ever be an outtie. Good thing because Jake would wig out and want to poke it all the time. They're just creepy looking, probably because it seems like it would be so sensitive.
Stretch marks: Nothing new yet but she's gonna start packing on the fat in the next few weeks so I'm sure they'll start showing up as I expand even more.
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly, not being a hormonal/emotional mess and having more patience with people.
What I am looking forward to:Our baby shower and seeing my family.

Obsessing Over: Getting things a little more organized. This week I washed the car seat and the straps so they're all clean for her and got it sized to fit her for her first ride in it :)
Working On: Marketing stuff.
Anticipating: The month of March. I never thought I'd say this as I LOVED my entire pregnancy with Emery, but I'm ready to be done. I hate the feeling of boogers in my nose when there are none, my nose getting wide from hormones, heartburn on and on.
Listening To: Silence. Ahhhh it's so nice!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Sister - Take 2

Here is what we know as of W28D6
-We still have a girl, definitely a girl.
-She's measuring in at 3lb 11oz.
-Height unknown because when they get this big they go by weight rather than height because they're smooshed in there.
-She's an acrobat, her feet and hands were by her face. She is not an octopus even though it feels like it!
-She is camera shy! (She better get over that REALLY quick).
-She was lying on her side with head on the left, just like Emery always did. So like Jake said with Emery, they get so pissed when I lay on my left side because who likes standing on their head all night?!
-I think she looks just like Emery when he was born.
-Her head and belly were measuring 31 weeks and 5 or 6 days but with other measurements she is right about 30 weeks 6 days to 31 weeks 3 days.
-She's in the 96th percentile so we're right on target if you ask me.
-Amniotic fluid was 14.7 which the ultrasound tech said was good, so that got rid of the worry that I have lots of fluid or not enough.
-I was only 3cm bigger this week and not 4 like my last appointment so I think we're doing ok. I doubt she will be huge, I just feel that way is all.
-We got to see her practice breathing. Her little belly would fill up and then empty as she took her practice breaths. Cue the "awww".

I really wish we could have seen her face more but she constantly hand her hand up there and placenta was in the way as well just like our last ultrasound.

We were just so happy to see our little miss. I got so emotional seeing her little face and being able to picture her. It was bonding in a way I couldn't with Emery because we didn't get 3D or even another ultrasound with him other than our gender one at 17 weeks.

I can't wait to meet her and smooch on those chubby cheeks of hers.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spicy Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Sandwiches

I should have taken a picture but I was much too hungry. Maybe next time. Jake, the man who doesn't like any food unless he or his mom make's it said they were actually pretty good. THAT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! He mentioned a few things to try a little differently next time but other than that he liked it. Whew.

I had found a recipe on pinterest which I'm not even going to link to because we did things completely different. We didn't use ground chicken or follow the directions, basically just got the idea and went off a burger I have had at Red Robin's and Prospector's and love.

1 package of chicken tenderloins (from Costco)
Chili powder
Garlic Salt
Onion Powder
Sliced Provolone
Crustini Sandwich Rolls
Fresh Pineapple

We cleaned the pineapple and sliced it into slices. I removed the centers with a lid from an infant bottle because I don't have an apple corer and I didn't want to sit and cut out every center with a knife. Whatever works, call me crafty.

The chicken we brushed with olive oil and sprinkled the chili powder, garlic salt and onion powder onto both sides and grilled those.

Then we put mayo on our buns, a pineapple slice and then a couple chicken tenderloins which we melted the provolone onto. You can forgo the mayo but due to a kiddo who needs loads of fat and calories added into his diet to gain weight we had to.

I made a teriyaki sauce which you can find here for reviews, photos etc. The exact recipe is:

1/4 cup soy sauce
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
5 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1 -2 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 cup cold water


1. Mix all but cornstarch and 1/4c water in a sauce pan and begin heating.
2. Mix cornstarch and 1/4c. cold water in a cup and dissolve. Add to sauce in pan.
3. Heat until sauce thickens to desired thickness.
4. Add water to thin if you over-thick it :).

I made the sauce exactly as the recipe called and it was really good. P.S. Don't let it boil over, its a mess to clean!

Overall the boys loved it, said it was GREAT and we all enjoyed the messy sticky food. I'll try to update with a picture the next time we have it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

week by week: 27

How far along: 27 weeks
How big is baby:apparently as big a s rutabaga. I think she is a chunk. I feel HUGE
Total weight gain:pound a week
Maternity clothes: nothing but!
Sleep: sooo good with my sleeping pill from the doctor. Only 25mg so I can sleep so great and not be a groggy mess the next morning.
Best moment these weeks: Getting my glucose test done and out of the way.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: nothing
Movement: Still a wild child in there!
Labor Signs: none thankfully. I can't tell if I have had Braxton Hicks or not, sometimes it feels like it but then I'm not sure.
Belly Button in or out: in
Stretch marks: Nothing new.
What I miss:Being able to move, being patient, not having heart burn.
What I am looking forward to:our ultrasound next week.

Obsessing Over:nothing really.
Working On: a few little projects.
Anticipating: January 10th!
Listening To: the tv and Emery getting frustrated with the pillow.

week by week: 28

How far along: 28 weeks
How big is baby:I can't keep up!
Total weight gain:Getting to be too much. I think I gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks, so I jumped from 1 pound a week to 2. I'm not impressed!
Maternity clothes:Oh yea!
Sleep: Comes and goes. Some nights I lie awake for awhile. Other nights I sleep like the dead. Bad dreams don't help!
Best moment these weeks: Getting stuff rearranged.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: Nothing really.
Movement: Crazy girl in there! I swear she's an octopus, I feel her all over constantly like she has 8 appendages to tickle and punch me with
Labor Signs: Nothing so far thankfully
Belly Button in or out: in
Stretch marks: nothing new...that I can see anyway
What I miss:Never having heartburn that wakes me up.
What I am looking forward to:Seeing our little miss next week on ultrasound!