Monday, December 31, 2012

YUM! (not)

Anyone wanna guess what this is?

fruit punch? melted margarita?

Negative. That right there is a (not so)tasty beverage called Glucola.

Last week my sister was in town and was going to escort me to my 3 hour glucose test and keep me company. 

First let's talk about how STUPID holidays are! They interrupt everything! Christmas Eve as a holiday? I don't think so, just a chance for people to get an extra day off. New Years Eve as a holiday? I don't think so. I don't even get the point of being closed on New Years. Yes it's a new year, who cares! If those days fall on a weekend then awesome! But when they fall during the week it royally screws up EVERYTHING.

Due to getting the boys Wednesday, having school drop off usually and the fact that I work I wanted to do my testing on Monday or Tuesday before we have all 3 boys and Jake running on no sleep due to working graveyard. However with Tuesday being the holiday that everything is closed I was left to Monday. Thankfully the lab was open!

However once I get in there I'm told that I'm supposed to call to make an appointment for a 3 hour glucose test. I explained that I had called the week before to make an appointment and I was told they don't take appointments and it's by walk in only! Follow this by them not having my blood work orders in the computer. So they try calling my doctor. CLOSED! On Christmas Eve, I DON'T CARE IT'S NOT A HOLIDAY TO ME AND I STILL NEED CARE! So they cannot get a new order faxed to them. Call the other lab that it was faxed to, guess what happens there?! CLOSED! So I'm told that they cannot do it because they can't hold my blood for 2 days and not have anywhere to send it.  OH and don't forget there is a special 3 day diet I have to follow beforehand to get my body used to the extra insulin. I was never told about this with my 1 or 3 hour glucose test for Emery. Just that I was to fast 6-10 hours before the test. They hand me the little diet form and send me on my way.

Cue the pregnancy hormones and I walk out ready to cry, I'm so pissed off. Instead of crying I chose to rant a few naughty words of choice to my sister (who was wonderful and tried calling the midwife just to get a run around of voicemails!) I now have to wait an entire week to try again.

This weekend I told Jake I needed to go do my glucose test first thing Monday morning when he gets home from work at 7:45am. Middle of the night I wake up in a panic remembering that I have to make an appointment. Thankfully they open at 7 so when I called at 7:20 someone answered and just told me to come in.

Thankfully it went down without a hitch. They had my orders. I had my own room with a big comfy leather chair to relax in and a magazine to read.

The first hour was the worst. No eating for about 11 hours, starving and I have to chug a huge glass of ice cold glucola in the only flavor they had. I was so nauseous for that hour and the only thing that kept me from puking was the fact that I brought a cup of hot tea to sip on to make me feel full and wash away that nasty sweetness in my mouth. After the 3rd blood draw I was fine. Thankfully after that first hour the rest flew by and I was done and outta there. I gobbled down two cheese sticks and a handful of triscuits on the drive home and made it safely.

Now we're just crossing our fingers and praying that we just have one big healthy girl growing in there naturally and not due to Gestational Diabetes. 

I'll be calling my midwife Thursday to see if they got the results. Here's to hoping!

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