Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week by week: 24

How far along:24 weeks
How big is baby:bigger than this states so who knows at this point.
Total weight gain: 1 pound a week. Right on target. whew.
Maternity clothes: yup
Sleep: horrible! Slept like the dead with Emery and this pregnancy has middle of the night insomnia. I despise it.
Best moment these weeks: non pregnancy related is seeing my sister and niece. I guess pregnancy related is we had our last monthly appt and now switch to bi-weekly.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: nothing
Movement: Rolling around and driving me bonkers. If I sit or lay how she doesn't like she let's me know!
Labor Signs: sometimes I think I feel Braxton Hicks and then its gone so I'm not sure if its tightening or just how she rolls and positions that makes it tight.
Belly Button in or out: still an innie.
Stretch marks: nothing new
What I miss: not being as big as a house and my sleeeeep
What I am looking forward to: I can tell you what I'm not looking forward to this week. Glucola. *gag*

Obsessing Over:A middle name. So stumped and ready to just drop the name we have and start over. I thought girls names were the easy ones?!

Working On:Figuring out how to get my scheduled posts to post and little baby projects.

Thinking About:Jake and his baby girl. He loves his babies so much and I LOVE THAT!

Anticipating: Getting things done. Emery and baby room rearranged, clothes washed and sorted. I have no motivation, I don't know what this "nesting" thing is that I hear so much about...someone want to sprinkle me with some of it?

Listening To:"Truck Yeah" by Tim McGraw on the music channel...and a stupid toy whose batteries are dying and it randomly starts going off with its sirens and radio calls. Scares the crap out of me!

Feeling: Better after a shower. Emery woke up SO cranky and that's not good for this pregnant mama.

Praying:That the GD test goes well and labor will be fast this time around.

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