Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little things you love

You are such a stinking character Emery. Every single day with you makes me so happy.

Recently you love hugging the fire hydrant when we walk outside and you say "quish".
We always say "squish" when we give you hugs or you say "squish" when you give us one and you squeeze us tight. I guess you like to hug the fire hydrant too. Whatever makes you happy kiddo!

You LOVE the snow. You had a complete meltdown about putting on your snow pants, winter jacket and gloves. Screaming fit. Then once you got outside you had a blast. Picking up big snow chunks and throwing it around. You didn't want to come back inside and cried as we carried you upstairs. I'm glad you're a snow bunny. I can't wait to see you sledding for the first time.

You love to say "wheeeee!" when daddy goes around a corner or we go down a hill. I guarantee you'll be yelling it as you go sledding down a hill with daddy.

You have picked up on manners. You say please when you want something, thank you once you've been given it and then you say "welcome" after we say it. You actually don't say thank you, you say "thanks!"

Go-ging is "going". You love to shut the tv off when it's time to leave and go somewhere.

Gango is how you say in our durango.

You call blankets "blanks".

When you get all super crazy over tires on the computer daddy tells you to "chill out". You started repeating it. Except when you say it you sound like the chinese man off the movie The Hangover. You say "chee ow". Cutest thing ever and cracks me up. I don't remember what I was getting upset about the other day but out of nowhere you just say "chee ow". I definitely needed that reminder and the laugh definitely made me decompress. I keep trying to get it on video so I never forget how hilarious you are when you say it.

I also have the worse baby brain going on and need to make a note of everything I don't want to forget because I literally cannot remember it 5 minutes later.

Lately you've loved playing with your big lego's. You load them up in your vehicles and drive them all over the house. Especially the school bus. I think it's a little people school bus and you run so fast through the house with that bus that all we hear is a high pitched squeak. You literally are going to drive the wheels right off that noisy little bus.

You still are obsessed with apples. If we drive by them in the store you freak out.

You love to "keen". Just tonight I kept telling you to get out of the kitchen and you would. Then it'd get quiet and I'd have to tell you again. I should learn the first time! You then come walking out with a huge rope of Lysol wipes. You pulled out every single wipe to help clean. I then had to confiscate them and stuff them all back in the container. I am so glad you want to help and clean things but that is not how we go about it lol.

I will have to finish this up later as you just pooped, I know this because you stink horrendously and you love to announce it immediately after the fact but still refuse to use the big boy potty. You're such a handful and I love you...and your stinky butt!

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