Thursday, December 6, 2012

23 Week OB Appt

Everything was normal with baby. I am still completely unhappy with Deaconess hospital. The midwife we saw this visit actually asked us if we were interested in birthing classes or if we had been asked. I had to hold back and keep my mouth shut that "no, actually no one has asked. No one has asked if I want a tour of the hospital, no one has asked if I have a birth plan, no one has asked anything about anything!!!" She was too kind for me to flip out on even though she kept us waiting for 30 minutes.

Your heart rate was 150
Fundus height was 26cm so I think you're measuring maybe a week or two ahead which brother Emery always was.
And best part?! I'm only gaining a pound a week! I need to get my butt onto the treadmill and maybe it'll be less, though most weight is baby related.

I couldn't believe that this appointment was our last monthly appointment! We go in 2 weeks for biweekly visits. Talk about time flying by!!!

The downside...duh duh duh...It's time for that disgustingly sweet beverage also known as GLUCOLA. Pardon me while I go throw up thinking about it. I am praying that it's normal this time and not "slightly elevated" and requires me to go in for the two hour blood draw. We will also find out if my iron levels are ok or if that could be contributing to my sleepiness and I need to start taking an iron supplement.

I will have to go to the appointment alone because there is no way daddy is going to stand by and watch vials and vials of blood be sucked from my arm and control this monster brother of yours for an entire hour before they draw more vials of blood. We don't need him passing out while caring for Emery.

We'll see how that goes, I still have to schedule the appointment. I've only slacked for a day now.

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