Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week by week: 22

How far along:22 weeks
How big is baby:bigger than this states
Total weight gain:still not sure, I don't get on the scale at home.
Maternity clothes: yup
Sleep:Pretty good
Best moment these weeks: Feeling my little one move around.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: nothing lately
Movement:lots in the morning and at bedtime
Labor Signs: None and it better stay that way for another 21 weeks.
Belly Button in or out: still an innie.
Stretch marks: nothing new
What I miss:sleeping on my back
What I am looking forward to:seeing her precious face

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week by week: 21

How far along:21 weeks
How big is baby: I'm sure she is over a foot long considering she was 11 inches at our 18W4D ultrasound
Total weight gain:I am hoping still just a pound a week.
Maternity clothes: yup
Best moment these weeks:Nothing too major.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: Sweets! That won't help with gaining just a pound a week ;)
Movement: Surprising me with some really strong jabs and kicks. Takes my breath away almost. I'm scared for the future kicks and jabs
Labor Signs: None!
Belly Button in or out: still an innie.
Stretch marks: if they'd just disappear that'd be great!
What I miss: sleeping however I want, being able to breathe and not being so emotional.
What I am looking forward to: making our swaddler blankets. I'm going to out do Aden and Anais :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week by week: 20

How far along:20 weeks
How big is baby:bigger than a banana that's for sure
Total weight gain:averaging about a lb a week which is good but I wish it could be less.
Maternity clothes: yup
Sleep: did alright though I had to share a bed with my sister and Emery part of a night and then with my sister the next two nights while we were in MT. So weird to not be sleeping next to my personal space heater :)
Best moment these weeks:Seeing my family, seeing my littlest sister meet Emery for the first time.
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: I can't remember what I was craving.
Movement:Oh yea, crazy girl in there. Daddy finally felt her for the first time this week.
Labor Signs: None thankfully.
Belly Button in or out: still an innie.
Stretch marks: 
What I miss: sleeping on my back!
What I am looking forward to: getting girly clothes and making hair bows!

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Watching: I'm currently super into a few shows, the first being Revenge. I'm also loving Nashville so, so much...Deacon's niece, LOVE her voice! I'm also into Covert Affairs. So crazy to see the chick from Coyote Ugly years ago to be a decent actress. Jake and I watch Survivor and Rehab with Dr. Drew, also we found "underemployed" and watch that when there is nothing else on.

Listening to: bonus features on The Lorax and boys brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed...and arguing that it is/isn't "opposite day". These two are ridiculous!

Planning: just our trip to Montana to see my family.

Thinking about: the alarming sentence Nathan wrote on his homework. I just hope something good comes of this for him!

Looking forward to: this weekend! Can't wait to see my family. It's been a little over two years since we were last there.

Reading: My mommy blogs. Haven't had time or the desire *gasp* to read a book.

Making me happy: Jake being such a good daddy, growing a healthy active baby in my tummy, a precious and crazy little Emery parroting EVERYTHING he can manage to repeat and making us laugh constantly, mini kit-kats, having the boys back home even if it's only for a few days.

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out.

a little reminder

I look at Emery and he is growing so fast. His little chubby face has thinned out into a little boys, his once velvety bald head has long blonde wispy hair that makes him look like a dandelion and an attitude like nobody's business.

I love this stage, watching him learn, say new words, discover how things work. Just in complete awe of the world but at the same time my heart breaks that he is less of my baby.

I look at him sometimes and just squeeze him in a hug knowing that my baby who is still part baby, is going to be a big brother in a few short months. Though he will always be my baby, he will technically no longer be the baby.

He loves his daddy SO incredibly much. He shouts for joy when daddy gets home from work, when he wakes up and sees daddy, the snuggles and all the goofy boy games daddy plays with him just makes him fall more and more in love with daddy. Sometimes I feel so unneeded unless he is hurt and he runs to mommy for loves.

Last night however the cries started. Not his usual fussy-uncomfortable-in-the-middle-of-the-night cries, but a hard hurt crying. I get up and comfort him and he curls his little body into mine, tucks his perfect soft face against my neck and I hear his little sobs fade into deep sleepy sounds as his breaths make my neck warm. I'm mama and he needs me still even if he is a big boy now.

He told me he was ready for nigh' night and I laid him back down on his pillow and covered him up after I smooched on his soft little cheeks and told him how much I loved him.

We went through this 4 more times. I think maybe he had a tummy ache but he just was having a hard time sleeping . I finally brought him into bed with me and let him sleep on daddy's side. He had his own little pillow and I separated little sister in my belly from his feet with daddy's pillow. I was a little worried he might fall off but he just laid there calmly, rolled towards me, asked for a hug, puckered his little lips for a kiss and gave me his hand. He grabbed onto my finger just like when he was a brand new infant and didn't let go even after his hug and kiss good night. He just held my hand, taking comfort in knowing that mama was there and he could sleep tight. He blissfully fell into slumber. For that moment, he was my little baby and not so much my little boy and my heart was overwhelmed. I needed that little reminder more than either of us will ever know.

I sit here watching him keep reach over to give Ethan hug after hug after hug and knowing that he is going to be a wonderful big brother. Even if he is still my baby and half big boy, he is going to embrace the role and make me so proud of the little big boy he is becoming.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Week by week: 19

How far along: 19w6d
How big is baby: The size of a mango
Total weight gain: about 5 lbs. Looks like i'm averaging a pound a week now. Yeek :/
Maternity clothes: yup
Sleep: Pretty good. 10-12 hours.
Best moment these weeks: The boys' comments about a baby sister, pointing out things they want for her room or to make her. Ethan asking "what time is the baby coming out of Kayla's stomach?" and we talked about my belly growing really big like it did with Emery when he was in my tummy. Ethan looks very serious and says "you have to be reallllly careful with her." Makes me happy to see them show interest when last week during the gender reveal they could have cared less :)
Gender: GIRL!!!
Craving: I told Jake yesterday "I want spaghetti and I want it NOW."
Movement: Quite a bit, she's very active. Past two midwife appts she has made them work to get a fetal heart rate. I'm terrified lol
Labor Signs: None and it better stay that way for another 21 weeks.
Belly Button in or out: still and innie.
Stretch marks: Nothing new.
What I miss: Sleeping on my back and my belly...and not being able to have a margarita. I just want a freaking margarita!
What I am looking forward to: My fabric coming so i can make swaddle blankets and our trip to Montana to see family. My mom spoils these boys like no other!
Milestones: Nothing major.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Update on Baby #2

First off the ultrasound tech was amazing! She was very knowledgeable and explained what she was looking at and for. I love learning new things so I was asking questions too. I feel disappointed we didn't get all the good details with Emery like we did with this baby, this lady was friendly and the ultrasound tech who did Emery's was kind of a *insert not nice word* The ultrasound tech said that baby is 11" from all the measurements they took. I found this interesting that they could figure this out! Baby is also in the 95th percentile for size. Jake immediately goes "yup, another boy."

The tech asks if we want to know and we say yes. We have three boys at home so we need to know what we may or may not need. She then smiles and says "so you're not used to seeing these parts, these are girl parts." My heart seriously felt like it had turned into fireworks. I just said "yay" and got entirely too emotional. I wish I could have been looking at Jake at that moment instead of the screen. He just plays everything off. Me reading to him about what baby is doing this week and what's developing? No interest it seems. Find out the gender? Seems like no interest. I know it's there just masked. He becomes daddy when that baby is finally here and he snuggles, he smooches, he constantly takes pictures, changes diapers. Best daddy ever when baby is finally here. Up until then he's borderline bored!

It'll be interesting to see how big our Little Miss is. If she will be average size like Brudder Emery or a little chunka-chunk. I can't wait to meet her.

It was weird up until that point, my head was thinking "girl". When I thought of the baby and all the planning I somehow just always thought of it as a girl. I had two girl dreams. With Emery I only had the merman dream and I just KNEW he was going to be a boy. I thought "well, 50% chance of a boy again so I'm not dwelling on a girl in case it's a boy." I was more than happy with either. Emery is the most amazing little boy to me and I'd be just fine with another him so I didn't want to dwell on girl and then feel disappointed for a boy when I know in my heart it wouldn't be a disappointment.

In the video I was so surprised Nathan said he wanted a boy. With Emery he really wanted a little sister. After they found out girl, they just ran off to go play, didn't care about a new baby. It's funny to see how Nathan shows his excitement. These past few days after he gets up in the morning and says things like "so a girl, 3 boys and a girl." "A little sister, she will have 3 big brothers." Just random little thoughts of his that he says out loud but it means a lot to know he is thinking of her, expecting her and possibly excited. It's a whole new world to him as he's got 2 little brothers. Makes my heart happy because he is a wonderful loving brother to these little babies.

I think she will round out the family perfectly. Three big brothers to watch over her. She will get to play with Lego's and Hot Wheels and still have all her girly stuff. I'm just ITCHING to start making baby doll and barbie clothes and she's not even here nor will she care about that for a couple years.

Now the question is, will she be a bright blonde with gorgeous blue eyes like Emery? The little German side showing bright and true, or will she have the thick dark hair and bright eyes like she had in my dream? Only time will tell.