Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One of the Crew

I absolutely adore seeing Emery play with his brudders. He does really well when they're not here and I think the one on one time with mommy and daddy is really good for him. Every Wednesday we ask if he's ready to go pick up brudders we get an excited "YEA!" He has the same response driving by a park so you KNOW its pure excitement. I love hearing him giggle playing, laughing ridiculously when he's tickled, the few and very far between kisses when 4 year old Ethan is feeling lovey and smooches his head or gives him a quick squeeze. He fits right in playing cars and racing around, watching and taking everything in that they do. I can't wait until he digs into legos and knows what do with them other than tuck the wheels away inside his cheek like a squirrel. It breaks my heart when they have to leave, not only so we muss them but I feel like Emery feels punished that they have to go away. Hopefully one day they will be with us full time and he will always have them. I think this new baby will be great for him to have a companion 24/7 other than mama and dadda. My heart is full today, I never imagined it would be this good blending Emery in with two brothers but they all love each other so much, even if stinker Ethan rarely shows the brotherly love. :)


  1. New baby?! Where have I been!

    It has to be confusing for him to see people come and go, but I'm sure the routine has become predictable to him. Hope all is well!

  2. Yea we're 15 weeks as of tomorrow. It was quite the surprise. I'm due March 29th. I really slacked off on the blog but am determined to get started again and document this baby stuff and more Emery stuff.