Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dentist Appointment

Both kids cavity free!

However Ethan has white spots on his teeth from acid softening the enamel. What can we expect when his moms teeth are half rotted, she refuses to get their fluoride prescriptions, doesn't make them brush their teeth and they all live off juice and sugar?! Still too entirely frustrating. I wish she knew the importance of good hygiene especially dental. Dental care is NOT cheap and some day these boys won't be covered by her state insurance or Jake's great insurance.

All we can do is continue to make them brush regularly, take their crunchies every night, avoid juice, no soda or junk food and hope for the best. Maybe someday she will wake up but quite doubtful.

Ethan had xrays done and must have complied well because not once did they have to call for us. No word on the pictures so they must have looked alright.

As for Emery he was a peach. He behaved, showed the dentist how he brushes and charmed everyone in the place. The doctor herself said she was going to steal him for herself. I told her she would have to fight us for him.

Though with his naughty attitude lately is willingly hand him over for an hour to regain my sanity.

Nathan's appointment is next week so we will see if he's worse off or cavity free. Fingers crossed!

No pictures since cameras, phones and video devices aren't allowed in the back :( only picture was of Ethan's tooth with his name for being cavity free.

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