Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boys time.

Daddy and your brothers just left to go ride their 4 wheelers and motorcycles. I guess your papa was so excited that he loaded it all up including grandmas dirt bike for him to ride. This daddy and kid time is very important for any kid. You all need that one on one time to be silly boys with out the mama referee there.

It broke my heart watching them leave and knowing you couldn't go and would probably cry. As usual you surprised me, no crying. Just hugs and kisses and then you ran to the window to wave and shout bye and blow kisses.

Someday you will be big enough to have your own helmet, goggles and gloves to go spin out in the mud. Until then we get to snuggle and play at home. Mama has a migraine and is laying low but we made cupcakes today and I'm ready to watch that mess happen :)

Mama needs this quiet time. You and your brudders have been a handful. You are stubborn, haven't wanted to listen or share and they being used to no rules at their "moms" house want to argue and not pick up after themselves. Makes me a little coo-coo and adds a little stress wondering how your new brother or sister will be in the mix. I just have to remember that your daddy and I are a great team with you kids and we will conquer it. We may go to bed exhausted at 8pm but at least you're all still alive, safe and sound with lots of love and full bellies.

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