Sunday, October 14, 2012

18 Months

You are 18 months today and smart as a whip. You speak 200 words and say more everyday.
You are hilarious. You love blowing spit bubbles, if you see a tv commercial or a billboard ad with food on it you say "mmm" really loud.
You demand "vitamins" everyday.
You call the new Durango "mango".
You love showers but only if mama holds you up so you can stick your hand in the spray, you still don't like it in your face.
You love to test your limits by teetering on the edge of everything. We watch you from the corner of our eye knowing if we stop you that you will try try again. You try again even if you fall. We think you need a skateboard and would cruise around like a mad man but until daddy promises me a mouth guard and a Michelin man suit it won't happen. A helmet and knee/elbow pads are not enough for my worry.
You demand to watch "animals" every morning and since Big Cat Diaries and the Crocodile dude is always on we oblige to animal planet. You have no patience for the commercials and demand to have the animals back. Any cute animal or commercial with animals in it and you get high pitched and say "cuuuute". It is definitely the cutest thing you say.
I ask you to be good for something and you say "yea". If I ask "promise"? You say promise though it sounds a little like Thomas.
Driving by a park you shout "YEAH!" At night night time or when someone's on the phone you say "shhhhh". You are still as obsessed as ever with wheels and tires. Walking through a parking lot with you is crazy tow. You point out every truck, van, bus and want to/try to touch the wheels and tires. It cracks up any bystanders. One man told you to kick the tire before walking away when we drove to Seattle to pick up the Mango (durango). I just laughed and told him we didn't need that yet.
When I get you up in the morning you point to your butt and tell me "poop" if you've pooped.
You have sat on the potty chair a few times but no interest. One time you did go pee but it sprayed all over my leg and the floor. I said "oops!" As I tried to stick my hand in front to stop the mess and I think that just scared you. You don't want to sit on the potty anymore. I try to convince daddy to take you in when he goes potty so he can see big boys go potty instead of just mommies but we are stalled out there. You say anything in the toilet is "poop" which is not what the other parent in the living room wants to hear.
You've started showing much more interest in books the past few months. Not so much reading them but I ask you to point things out and you love it. Just may have to go thrifting for some I Spy books soon.
You are a little like mama and like your space. If you're not snuggling you want one whole couch cushion to yourself. You don't like anyone's feet on it. Yesterday you were trying to push Nathan off it completely so you could sit down. I understand my child, I go a little insane when your brothers all pile on the couch and I have no room to move or breathe or seeing Ethan sitting on daddy's lap. I'd feel suffocated. Maybe by the time you're 4 I won't mind and ill love you sitting on my lap as a giant kid. Please note: I love you on my lap and yet can never get you to sit there for very long. It's the fact of such a big kid on a parents lap constantly that drives me a little space bonkers.
You call Nathan "Na-Neet" and Ethan is "E De". Not sure how you got these when you say everything else plain as day but its pretty cute.
Mama, daddy Na-Neet and E De all love you very very much!

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