Wednesday, October 10, 2012

15W5D appt

Today was another baby appt. Let me start off saying I am NOT a fan of Deaconess Hospitall. The layout is whack, the parking SUCKS, the nurse was NOT personable and looked like she had rolled out of bed and came to work. No makeup, messy gross hair in a ratty pony tail, wrinkly scrubs and a gray hoody. She did not look the part at all.

Moving on for a moment.

Baby was a brat about us hearing him/her. Literally took 5+ minutes to get a good listen. At one point baby kicked the doppler and moved away. Finally got a reading of 150. I was thinking ohhh, Emery was at 140 by now but after reading back through past posts he was 150's. So as much as we want a girl it seems we will probably end up with another boy.Don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Emery and am more than happy for another boy like him or even half as crazy fun as he is.

The rest of the appt was waiting for her to write me a referral for chiropractic care because her script pad was in the safe?! Then they had no scheduling lady. I'm standing there waiting for someone to notice us and hoping they HURRY the heck up because I'm already going to be late for my chiropractor appointment. Someone finally says that the scheduler isn't there and to go to the doctor's side for scheduling. The chick at the front desk can turn in my ultrasound referral but doesn't have scheduling software but will walk me over. I tell her to forget it I'll call because I'm already going to be late for my next appointment.

At least I got my referral and am hoping that my insurance will cover chiropractic care since it's a referral since no medicine will help with the migraines and my back is majorly messed up.

Thankfully the chiropractor said my 1/2" shorter right leg isn't that way anatomically because after my hips being adjusted I was right on. Whew! I didn't want a lift in my shoe like my mom has to have.

I got a groupon for 5 chiropractic visits the other day for $49.00. Hopefully I can supplement the $45.00 visits in between those ones and stretch it out through out my pregnancy. The chiropractor told me that adjustments can help shorten labor time by up to 60%. He was appalled that I was in labor for 24 hours and is certain that this one will be less if I am adjusted regularly. If I can manage once or twice a month I'll be happy. I know I can't afford it weekly. If I can manage a labor naturally and for as long as possible at home in under 12 hours I will be a happy mama.

On a final note, we have three weeks until our gender ultrasound. I was hoping for 18 weeks which would put us 2 weeks from now, but no. She referred me 3-4 weeks from today. I guess the countdown begins!

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