Wednesday, May 2, 2012

one cure for the tantrums

Children are such an experiment. I finally figured out the key to these tantrums is 10-30 minutes in mama's bed. We snuggle, read a book, he pokes my nose over and over and laughs mischievously, he pokes my belly button and then makes me poke his, he gives me 53 heart attacks worrying about him falling off the bed while crawling all over me, he sprawls out on the poofy blankets and points to things around the room, he leans over for me to give him lots of smooches, he hugs the pillow, plays peek a boo and snuggles some more. Then when we get up his attitude is better or he at least snuggles into mama and sits there for another 20 minutes. Apparently mama's COMPLETE & UNDIVIDED attention is what the stink needs....(secretly, I need just as much if not more than he does :))

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