Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates on the Emery boy and a few pictures :)

I can't believe that Saturday you are going to be a year old. Where has the time gone?!

I have a whole list of things on my desk top to write about and pictures to post but where do I find the time?! I feel like I am failing with this blog. It was meant to document everything so you could look back and I'm lucky to get a post in every couple months. When you nap I try to get work stuff done or relax. When you go to your dad's house I try to get that done or I end up over there with you guys to play and go on adventures and spend time with your brudders.

You are growing so fast and again I'm so amazed by you.

You can sign the following: please, more, milk, bird, eat, bye, all gone.

You say: "over there" "what's this" "ooh dat" which your daddy and I think is your version of "ohh what's that" "yes" "yeah", "mama" "dadda" "hi" "uh oh"

I never would have thought that your first real words would be "over there". Yea said "mama" "dadda" "hi" but to hear "over there" plain as day just rocked my world. You are so intelligent. You pick up on so much stuff, so quickly.

Every time you pick up on a sign I'm scrambling to teach you another.

Some things you do that crack me up are: crawling over to a toy, an orange, whatever is on the floor, doing a push up and biting it and crawling around with it clenched in your mouth.

You got into the huge thing of flour and got the lid off and had a hey day with it.

You LOVE nilla wafers and can't eat them fast enough. You demand to have one in each hand and one in your mouth.
PLEASE don't take my nilla wafers!

You are OBSESSED with oranges. You would eat an entire box/bag of little Cutie Oranges in 2 days if I let you. You try to eat 4 or 5 in a sitting but I cut you off at 2 or 3. You can peel them yourself but you also try to eat the rind so I usually just do it.

 Favorite Fruit.

You grab my face between your little hands and pull my head down and give me kisses or you put your forehead against mine and look in my eyes. Talk about melting my heart!!!!

You love to blow on your food. You pucker up your little lips just perfect and blow. Sometimes I feel a little breeze and look over and you'll be blowing on your food, even if it's not something to blow on....like your crackers with spinach and artichoke dip.

You love lemons, grapefruits, green olives, pickles, anything sour or bitter doesn't even phase you.

I said "uh-oh" a couple times and you caught right on. Now you throw your food off the tray to hear the "plop" on the floor and then say "uh oh". I have to keep myself from laughing because it's not a very nice habit to have and we're trying to break that.

On March 29, 2012 you pooped in the tub for the first time. You were crouched and starting a grunt sound and I thought you were trying to pull yourself up. Nope! Little ping pong type poop comes floating out by your leg. I said "ewww" and called for Grandma Neen. She came and got you dressed so I could clean out the tub.

Meeting Ollie for the first time

You LOVE your Ollie the Elephant that Grandma Neen got for you. If I brush your hair then you have to take the brush and try to brush him. You carry him around or give him to me for loves, you'll give him kisses and lay your head down on him like he is a little pillow. 
brushing Ollie's hair


On April 1st you said "over there" for the first time. I got you out of bed when you woke up and brought you into my bed to drink your milk and snuggle for a bit. You pointed to something in the kitchen and said "over there". At first I thought I was just hearing that because I wanted to hear you say something like that. Later that day we went to visit your daddy and I asked you where daddy was. You pointed to him and said "over there". He heard it and so I was reassured that I hadn't lost my mind and you are an intelligent little boy. You told daddy "over there" when he asked where mama was.

You just adore your brothers. You share a room with them now at your daddy's and you have to be beside them playing with whatever they are playing on. Nathan just loves that you lift your arms up for him and he will pick you up. I think you make him feel very special and he just loves that. Hearing you laugh while you play with them just makes my heart swell.
You are such a loving boy. I am so happy that you are mine. You are healthy for the most part, so funny, demanding and charismatic. You attract attention wherever we go. People stop to touch you, make you smile, make you laugh, compliment your blue eyes or cheesy smile. You make them smile and laugh and touch your hands. You act all shy and then look at them and give them a big cheesy smile. I am so glad that you are such a well behaved and mild tempered boy, with the exception of your HUGE attitude over food. 
I love you so much little man!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing so fast

My little baby is not so little at all anymore. I swear we just brought him home a couple weeks ago...

Now at 10 1/2 months old he is riding four wheelers. I was just amazed watching him sit on it and stay. He was using his feet to push himself backwards and rock it back and forth. He sat there for over 30 minutes playing on it. Am I just crazy thinking that most 10 months old wouldn't do this or would they?

You got bored with the four wheeler, or maybe it wasn't boredom you just wanted brother's bike. You just kept pointing and making your "I want" sound. So grandma put you on brother's bike.

It won't be too long before mama is having to buy you your own bike. You just loved watching Ethan race around on his. He and papa went all the way down the sidewalk and around the corner and you didn't take your eyes off them. You just kept watching for them to go back. AS SOON as they turned back around that corner your little hand flew up and pointed to them. You have some good eye sight my little man.

I'm in awe watching you everyday. I have to try not to cry because you are growing so incredibly fast but laugh at how smart you are. You are becoming such a little boy and no longer a baby. I watch you pick up your piece of banana and I notice how you don't have such chubby baby hands anymore. Your little fingers are getting longer and thinner, your palm is less pudgy. You have so much dexterity.

You fall and bonk your noggin a lot and cry for a minute, take your binky and the fit is over and off you go again. You're so determined and we're currently having to learn who the boss is. You think you get to direct the show but in all reality mama does. I say NO Emery and you just look at me, give me the cheesy smile where you smile realllllly big and wrinkle up your nose and go back to doing what you're doing. I think this is the only part of motherhood that really makes me feel exhausted. The constant NO and removing you from the situation or patting your little hand. You will go back time after time after time. I move you away and you crawl right back. You're learning to push your boundaries but at the same time I think it's just your curiosity. You are so much like me when it comes to inspecting things, touching things, watching people. You are a very observant boy.

This is what I'm always having to tell you NO Emery about. You are always pulling up the drawers on the filing cabinet. I don't want you to rip all my organized files out like you do in your dresser with your clothes...and you always squish your fingers in the drawer of the cabinet or your dresser. But you still go back time after time. DETERMINATION lol. You're going to be the child who learns the hard way.