Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing so fast

My little baby is not so little at all anymore. I swear we just brought him home a couple weeks ago...

Now at 10 1/2 months old he is riding four wheelers. I was just amazed watching him sit on it and stay. He was using his feet to push himself backwards and rock it back and forth. He sat there for over 30 minutes playing on it. Am I just crazy thinking that most 10 months old wouldn't do this or would they?

You got bored with the four wheeler, or maybe it wasn't boredom you just wanted brother's bike. You just kept pointing and making your "I want" sound. So grandma put you on brother's bike.

It won't be too long before mama is having to buy you your own bike. You just loved watching Ethan race around on his. He and papa went all the way down the sidewalk and around the corner and you didn't take your eyes off them. You just kept watching for them to go back. AS SOON as they turned back around that corner your little hand flew up and pointed to them. You have some good eye sight my little man.

I'm in awe watching you everyday. I have to try not to cry because you are growing so incredibly fast but laugh at how smart you are. You are becoming such a little boy and no longer a baby. I watch you pick up your piece of banana and I notice how you don't have such chubby baby hands anymore. Your little fingers are getting longer and thinner, your palm is less pudgy. You have so much dexterity.

You fall and bonk your noggin a lot and cry for a minute, take your binky and the fit is over and off you go again. You're so determined and we're currently having to learn who the boss is. You think you get to direct the show but in all reality mama does. I say NO Emery and you just look at me, give me the cheesy smile where you smile realllllly big and wrinkle up your nose and go back to doing what you're doing. I think this is the only part of motherhood that really makes me feel exhausted. The constant NO and removing you from the situation or patting your little hand. You will go back time after time after time. I move you away and you crawl right back. You're learning to push your boundaries but at the same time I think it's just your curiosity. You are so much like me when it comes to inspecting things, touching things, watching people. You are a very observant boy.

This is what I'm always having to tell you NO Emery about. You are always pulling up the drawers on the filing cabinet. I don't want you to rip all my organized files out like you do in your dresser with your clothes...and you always squish your fingers in the drawer of the cabinet or your dresser. But you still go back time after time. DETERMINATION lol. You're going to be the child who learns the hard way.

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