Thursday, February 23, 2012


Tonight you were cruising around saying "mom" and mom mom. I was so thrilled to finally hear you say it. I had been waiting for months and occasionally telling you to "say mama". You did it all on your own. Time for bed and I'm making your bottle and you crawl up, pull yourself up my leg and say "mommom". You kind of say "Hi" not always at the appropriate times but you say it. You also have started saying "baba". Not when it's time for a bottle so it may just be something you can say. Either way i think it's adorable, you're turning into such a little man now and I'm so excited for what the next couple months bring :)

I love you Emery Jacob

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bloom Spokane Article

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and what do I see? A picture of Emery and I at the hospital shortly after he was born. It was the picture for an article posted by Bloom Spokane. I was so excited. Here's the article! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Months Dear Emery

You are 10 months and you one one crazy little boy.

Your newest obsession is pointing. You have learned that you can point at what you want. Or you point, we point back and you touch that little finger to the tip of ours. I guess at a Super Bowl party that you went to, daddy's friend had a swing out for their little baby. You pointed at the swing, you pointed at daddy and then lifted your arms to tell daddy you wanted in the swing.

You are learning how to wave bye bye. You go down or crazy sideways in front of your belly but we get the meaning.

You sign "more". I didn't notice until you were doing it at daddy's and he pointed it out. After each bite you'd tap your hands together. I'm so glad to know that all my signing is helping you. I guess next step is working on "please". It is adorable to see you do all this and I can't wait until you can speak while you sign it.

You are cruising all over the place. You've figured out how to move your feet sideways and you are going all over holding onto what you can. Sometimes you arent' holding onto anything but not for long. Soon you will be walking and soon I will be crazy.

On February 1st we took you to the doctor because your runny nose was turning green. I thought you had just caught the cold from Hadley but once it started getting green I knew it was time for the doctor. You had a sinus infection and double ear infection. We got you on your antibiotics and I've been giving you acidophilous to ward replace the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill. No diaper rashes or anything. Your follow up appointment is tomorrow to make sure your ears have cleared up. Hopefully you quit getting these ear infections because I don't want you to have tubes. I will take you to the chiropractor before we go with getting tubes.

You are worrying mama and daddy with your impatience and temper for food. You can eat a full meal and then you throw a horrendous fit for our food or more or for snacks. You get so red and "yell" or you start crying and crying. I don't understand why you do this or how to even stop it. I have started to wonder if your reflux is bothering you and that the more you eat you think it makes you feel better but really doesn't. So I will have to ask your doctor about that. Your reflux had gotten better and you haven't been on the medicine for probably 5 or 6 months.

Things you used to love, like chicken cut into pieces you don't care for as much anymore. I can't tell if its the taste because you've been sick or now its a different texture to you or what. I just hope that you still are going to be a good eater and try things.

You seem to be adjusting well to the split household situation. I just notice you are a lot more needy. You come home and you just want to be held by me. I think everyone is right that 50/50 for a baby your age is too much time away from mama. I just try to snuggle you and spend as much time as I can playing with you, reading to you, singing to you etc.

Your little smiles and never ending love just fill me with so much love. I am so glad you are mine Emery Jacob. You have been such a blessing to have in my life and I can't wait to see what our future holds together.