Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Emery, 8 months

My Dearest Emery,

In the past month or even two weeks you have just exploded into a 'nother person.

Let us take a look...

Yesterday you had your appointment for your adhesion on your peepee. Daddy put your numbing cream on as directed an hour before and I gave you some ibuprofen to help with any swelling or pain. We were so unsure of how the whole process was going to go. Thankfully it went very smoothly. They used some medical tweezers and just pulled the adhered skin off the head of your little part. Daddy sent it went really easy. I was so proud of your dad. He didn't get queasy or pass out as I figured he might. He actually watched! He said he wanted to see how it was done so we can prevent this from ever happening again. Keep in mind, none of this was our fault. The doctor who circumcised you didn't tell us to pull your skin down with every diaper change or keep a cream on it to keep it from sticking. We brought it up at every appointment and they said as you got active it'd work itself out. From now we are keeping vaseline on you every day. I hate to have to hold you down at the doctors for this stuff. You only fussed at being restricted from movement and then you were fine. You were a little fussy a few hours afterwards but I've been keeping you dosed with ibuprofen. You are a trooper my little man!

You were 19lb 3oz and 28 1/4" at that appointment. Growing growing growing!

You also started crawling for the first time yesterday. I am so glad both your daddy and I were there to see it. We are both so worried that we'll miss some of your firsts because of our jobs. You didn't want to crawl for your yogurt but man you will up and MOVE for your Gerber Puffs. You LOVE them! Those and your yogurt melts. I spend too much on treats I'm sure but I love giving you new things to try and seeing how you react. Skometimes you crawl the normal baby crawl and other times you use your hands and one leg to pull/push yourself forward and your other leg you keep tucked under your butt and drag it. I think you look like a little pirate who's missing a leg.

We went to lunch the other day and you had the tomatoe chunks off daddy's salad and a couple of the little pieces of cucumber. I also gave you some lemon that I got for my water. You just sucked and sucked and chewed on that lemon. Not a single sour faced look at all. You loved it. Daddy also gave you grapefruit the other day and you loved it. He said you made a few funny faces but kept wanting more. I'm so glad you are an adventerous baby when it comes to food and you genuinely love anything!

You love your lego's! Just like your mama, daddy and brudders. You tip the big box over and dig through them. You toss them far away or chuck them over your shoulder. You also love the wooden shape blocks I bought you. You're too young to put them in the big box and learn the shapes but you love gnawing on them.

You just adore your brothers. You think they are the funniest things. No matter what they do you laugh at them. If they start being goofy you laugh hysterically. I love watching you interact with them. We usually don't allow much goofing off/rough housing in the house but we can't help but let it slide sometimes when you are laughing at them. We just have to make sure no one, especially you get hurt by it. You totally egg them on. It reminds me of the stories grandma tells me about daddy and his brothers. Of course they are SO close in age and you and your brothers are really spread out age wise but I am quite positive you all will be very close. I just wish your brothers were with us 100% of the time. I don't know how you live without them on the few days they aren't here. When they are here you go bonkers and cry if they leave your sight. I enjoy that I can sit you in their bedroom and you are so happy just to sit and watch and play cars with them while I get chores or dinner done.

You have become a cuddle bug. You reach for daddy or I and nuzzle your head into our necks or chests. I love that you are finally this way. I was afraid I would only have the cuddles of you being itty bitty. Sometimes you are so fussy and I can pick you up and you cuddle your warm little body into mine and settle down. I can't hold you tight and "shh" you to sleep anymore. I do it just long enough for you to drift off and then when you fight me again I sit you up and hold you into my chest and you doze off. This is mostly for meetings when we arent' home and I can't put you into your crib for a nap nap.

You are still doing really well sleeping all night.

You just got over a double ear infection. You handled it so well. I knew something was up because you are usually not a fussy baby and you were pretty fussy at times during the day and didn't want to lay down or drink a bottle. I decided to get you in that same day and mama was right, it was an ear infection.

Even though I am a first time mama, I feel like i'm so in tune with you. I know when something isn't right and you're not yourself. I feel very prepared as a parent. It comes easy for me. I guess I have my aunts daycares and little cousins to thank for easing me into a maternal role. Or maybe I just have you, you are such an easy going and overly happy baby that you make being your mama a piece of cake.

I love watching you and your daddy together. He is just as smitten with you as I am. He really gets to enjoy you and says you have so much personality where your brothers didn't. We have their mom to blame for being such a neglectful and selfish egg donor. I promise you that you will never ever have a parent like that. If anything was to ever happen with your daddy I would never ever use you against him and I would NEVER try to keep you from him. I would also never bounce men in and out of your life. The only guy you'll know as a daddy is your daddy. I promise!

You get more and more curious every day. Still examining every toy and every person. When you meet some new you give them this funny look and make them think you're not friendly. Then suddenly you grin a big huge grin and they melt. You are such a charming little flirt. I am quite positive that you will be such a wonderful person and attract the attention of everyone around you.

You love to sing in the car when we drive. You talk/yell really loud and I sing back to you. That reminds me that we got you two new car seats. One for each of our cars. You are such a tall baby that you were totally outgrowing your infant seat and it was hard to pack you around. You started showing interest in sitting up and would get mad when you couldn't. So we started letting you ride in the seat of the cart in stores and you just had so much fun. So now in your new carseats you get to sit up like a big boy and interact with your brothers and look around. We scoop you out of the seat and you ride in the cart.

It makes me sad that you are growing up so fast but I also am enjoying it so much because everyday is an adventure and I know that we have so much fun to be had in our future.

There is so much that I notice everyday and try to make a mental note so I can blog about it. I feel like I'm forgetting so much. I'm going to start keeping a little notebook with me so I don't forget anything.

I love you so much Emery Jacob, you are my little sunshine. You make me feel so blessed everyday.

p.s. Your brudder Ethan has picked up on calling you Emery Jacob. "Emery Jacob, IT.IS.OK."  "You are so cute Emery Jacob" etc.

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