Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poor Boy

Emery is sick. He's got a stuffy nose and a cough. I do not like the cough but he's OK. He's still such a happy boy. He's slept through the night the past two nights. I was surprised since he only had 4 oz to drink last night before bed and slept till 8am!

Also, about the urology appointment. The adhesion is pretty bad and the little hole is too small. They gave us a prescription for a steroid cream which we have to put on him twice a day and hope it thins out the skin and fixes itself. If not then in 6 weeks we stop the cream, go for another consultation and they have to re-circumcise him. I'm so sad for my baby!

They'd have to give him a little shot in the muscle at the bottom of his spine, top of his butt to numb him from the waist down and then put him under general anesthesia. That terrifies me and my niece quit breathing when she was put under for her MRI a couple months ago and a cousin's son had the same issue.

I about lose my mind thinking of anything happening to my precious boy!

So I'm praying that this gets better and we won't have to have him re-circumcised. I'm upset the doctor never told us that because of his little fat pocket that it could re-adhere and to keep putting Vaseline on him even after it's healed to prevent the adhesion's. I'm so glad we see another doctor that works in his office instead of him because he's not very nice. He could have educated us on this to prevent this from happening.

Right now he is the happiest boy. He just discovered the door on the little house on his toy opens it so he is opening and closing it. He's talking to the sunflower and smacking it on the roof and making noises as he makes the other flower fly across the front of his face. The boy is just too smart.

Last night he was also talking in his sleep. Auntie Kass dropped us off at home and as I was unbuckling the seat belt in the car he was asleep but talking. *I have noooo idea where he gets that from ;)*

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