Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lazy mama

I need to write the post about the give away and provide the link but I'm so lazy...(read as "tired"). I don't have the brain power to compile all of it.

I'm cranky. I tripped over the new Lego Minotaurus game that's sitting in front of the couch and wanted to destroy it right then and there. I am no longer allowing the purchases of games as they never freaking get put away! DRIVES ME INSANE!

I need to research another lens for my camera and Costco has Photoshop going on sale so I will be purchasing that. Maybe I can watch some tutorials and play around and start taking on mini shoots for some extra money.

Emery is *nearly pinches fingertips* this close to crawling. He got the 2nd leg out from under him but then went splat onto his belly. I guarantee in the next week he will be crawling.

Thursday is his appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon. I made an appointment with them for the second opinion on whether he will need re-circumcised or not. Crossing my fingers that he won't have to be. I'm having anxiety thinking of him being put under general anesthesia.

Also nixed the Facebook for awhile. I'm tired of people not being supportive of anything most of the time, or speaking their opinion on shit they don't know about. Should save me a lot of time during my day and ensures I take more time with my son. He's growing so fast and this is time I will never get back. 

I think that's about all my brain can handle tonight, I'm ready for bed but gotta keep the babe up a little longer. Think we'll go cuddle till his bedtime :)

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