Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hilarious day of Ethan

Today Ethan has been cracking me up. The kid is full of energy today and silly things come from his mouth. 
Ethan's phrase for this week is now "for Pete's sake!" and is no longer "sweet babies!"
He also stated having a headache and this is how the convo went: "You have a headache? Do you know what a headache feels like?" Ethan:"Yea, it's spinning and just spinning, my head."
 Then after we got back from a quick errand I asked him to please go use the potty. (His mom has been letting him poop his pants and he's done it here a few times now which is NOT ok) He used the bathroom and as I was getting Emery gathered up I asked if he went poop and he said no. I then proceeded to ask him to please go potty and try to go poop because we weren't going to deal with poopy pants tonight. "Ok!" As I'm getting Emery into pajamas I hear, "Kaylaaaa, I went poooop for you!"Nathan heard it as well and we were both laughing. 
These boys have me totally ready to document all the hilarious things that I hope Emery says.

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