Monday, November 14, 2011


is on it's way into winter. There are not many of my favorite colors loading down the trees. The weight has been lifted off the branches and they have a breather before the snow and ice cover them.

The leaves are blowing across the road and driveway and it seems no one is out and about to today. They must all be snuggled up inside their warm homes watching the trees sway with the chilly breeze and the sky turn grey.

At least that is what I am doing. Daddy left to work, Emery went down for a nap and I'm sitting on the couch with the computer and the heater blowing on my feet. A game, work stuff, scrap booking pages, photos etcetera. I have so much to do but some of it takes so long that I'd don't get far. Like photos. Uploading, editing, saving, organizing. I wish there was a way to do it faster.

I got an awesome tripod at Costco that came with a camera bag, some polarizer lenses and a converter for memory cards. The photoshop was also on sale so I picked that up. Tax write off for my businesses. I admit that I haven't even had the time to upload it onto the computer.

The one plus to being self employed is that I can be more than one thing. Nail tech and photographer. Next to my list a smaller lens so I can start doing more projects and hopefully start building a portfolio and gaining clients. I want to make money doing what I love.

I guess I have all winter to save for another lens as I'm not brave enough to venture out. I'd be terrified of slipping on ice and falling on my camera or some crazy stuff. Along with having to tote my monster sized baby around? I'll pass.

Time for an latte and some more relaxing until the hellion wakes.

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