Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Emery, 7 Months

My sweet Emery,

You are 7 months old today. I laid in bed this morning thinking of the day I went into labor and the days after in the hospital.

You are still such a serious boy. You look at everything, touch everything, move it between your hands studying every part of it. Then it goes straight into your mouth and you smile around it at us.

Everyone says you are such a happy baby and it is so true. You smile and smile unless you're bored or tired and then you get a little fussy.

Not much has changed from the past months except weight. You are now 18lbs 13oz and you are on the verge of crawling. You're rocking forward and figuring out how to rotate on your legs. You've face planted a few times so dadda and I think you aren't quite brave enough to try to start moving yet. I'm sure within the next week you'll be going....and you won't stop once that happens!

Grandma Rachel calls you "smiley" because that's all you do when she sees you. In February we are going to MT to visit Gamma, Kassie and Haddie. I keep telling you about Grandpa Travis and Great Gramma and Papa. I can't wait for them to meet you as they will just adore you! I hope Grandpa Travis comes to town to meet you and Haddie for the first time, but who knows. Either way you have plenty of family who loves you and makes you a big priority in their life.

You still hate just "meat" food. I can't mix more than a spoonful in with your veggies or you get all gaggy. Dadda and I understand that they smell pretty foul and probably taste the same. I just want you to be getting the iron and protein from them. Today you ate your apples and cherries for breakfast and were still hungry so you finished up the Macaroni and Beef with vegetables from dinner last night. I secretly put a spoonful of the plain beef in with it and you managed to eat it just fine. For lunch you had green beans and pears and I put a spoonful of ham in it. Gag, gag, gag. So I mixed the little bit of applesauce you had in with it and we were good to go. You just need more flavor I guess.

You LOVE yogurts. I can't feed you it fast enough. You also love the Gerber Puffs. Strawberry Banana is what these are. Daddy said the other day you were squawking and getting all pissed off and NOTHING was making you happy. He saw those and pulled them out and you got sooo excited and stopped fussing and ate about 20 of them.

When you get excited you clench and unclench your fists. You are so adorable. I'm trying to sign "more" to you when you want more so maybe you'll learn to tell us that way.

You love bouncing in the bouncer but seem to be burnt out on it so I've been putting you back in the exersaucer thing to play and you're happy with that. You found the door on the house a few weeks back and you smile at yourself in the mirror inside it. You love mirrors, I think you find yourself pretty handsome, which is absolutely correct!

Your bumbo aka Bumbobee (credit to brudder Ethan) is no longer an option. We used to sit you in it and put it on the table so you could eat dinner with us and you'd do fine. Now you twist around to look at everything and nearly fall out. We were playing poker and you wanted something behind you and turned....tip, tip, tip. I shrieked for you to sit down and griped at dadda that he should have been acting sooner and not watching you curious if you'd balance yourself. You are SO crazy! So after that we will no longer be using the bumbo except on the floor for breakfast. This morning however I sat you on the floor to eat to try it. May need the bumbo as you kept scooting yourself around to watch everything and not paying attention to eating.

I'll add more to this if I can think of other things. I need to start keeping a notebook so I don't miss a thing when it comes to your monthly letters.

You are the sunshine in our lives little man. You make every single day so wonderful. You can't help but to cheer everyone up with your toothy grin and laughs. You are such a blessing in our lives and we all love you so incredibly much!

Love mama!

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