Monday, November 28, 2011

7 1/2 Month Update

Emery Jacob,

You amaze me everyday. I love to just sit and watch you learn. How smart you're becoming, how you're so curious and you want to constantly explore.

You used to be so anti cuddly except with your daddy because you can sprawl out on his long body. Now you've become a cuddly boy. You like to lay your head on my chest and cuddle with me, to curl up with me on the couch and take a little nap.

You love my phone. You hold it with both your hands and the pointer finger of your right hand rolls the ball. Then it moves to the charger port and you run the tip of your finger over it and click your nail on it. You examine every side of it, turning it every which way. You do the same thing with any toy you play with.

You like to talk, especially in the car. You bite the binky in the corner of your mouth and say ayiyiyiyiyiyi as loud as you can and your daddy and I laugh. We think you are just the silliest thing there is.

You know what "no" means. Gamma was telling Hadley "NO" and you started crying every time because you thought she was saying it to you. When we tell you at home you stop and look at us. Sometimes you try again until we tell you know. You especially know when you bite me nursing and I say "NO" and you start crying. 

You starting to use a sippy cup. You still haven't gotten the hang of it yet though.

You're SO close to crawling. About 3 or 4 days ago you finally started going backwards. You get your body lifted off the floor but you move your hands backwards and push yourself backwards. Soon you'll get the hang of getting up on your knees and going forwards. Our life is going to be full of adventure then! Your dadda is so ready for all this and I like you being stationary. You refuse to sit for long, you immediately are pushing yourself around and stretching your go-go-gadget arms to get things you want.

You are sleeping through the night again. 12 hours! I'm going to try to start weaning you from the binky. I try to take it away during the day and just use it for upset times, bedtime and naps.

You have gotten quite the temper. The other night you were trying to play at dinner
Every time I told him "no" he turned BRIGHT RED,scrunched up his face and literally started yelling/growling out of frustration. You randomly just started doing it when i wasn't telling you know so I thought something else was wrong and you proceeded to bite my face twice. At that point I had to tell you what you did was naughty etc etc and put you into your crib for your first time out.

You were also nursing and you weren't getting much milk (my supply has dropped) and you got really mad, turned red, started your "aruggggh" sound and then bit me!
 I love when you sit on the floor and stare off at nothing and talk. And you hold up your binky and put it in your mouth and spin it the right way. You make the silliest noises. I was changing your diaper and you were saying ahbaba. It sounded like you said apple quite a few times but then you went back to your ahh bahbahbah sound.
You make me smile all day long. You are the highlight of everyday and I'm always looking forward to your smooches. Half the time I'm bugging your dadda to let me wake you up from a nap so I can see your precious face and love on you.
I'm desperately trying to hold onto all these little moments. To remember every little thing about you and your innocence. I'm so afraid that I will forget how cute and chubby your little fingers are, how long your legs look compared to your body, your soft downy little head of blonde hair, your thick fat feet, you chunky thighs and crooked little butt crack. I don't want to forget a single thing about your babyhood because it is all flying by too quickly. 
 I love you so much and I hope you never ever question that!

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