Thursday, November 10, 2011

2nd opinion with the Surgeon.

After we had our horrible appointment with the Pediatric Urologist for Emery's adhesion I asked for a 2nd opinion. Unfortunately there are no other Pediatric Urologists in Spokane to do so, so they set us up with an appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon.

We took him in this morning and are much happier with the answer. I was mentally preparing myself for my sweet boy to have to be put under general anesthesia, receive a shot at the base of his spine to numb him from the waist down and then be re-circumcised.

The urologist had told us that the adhesion was only at the bottom part of the head of his penis and to only put the steroid cream on that part and to do that for six weeks! Then if that didn't loosen it up that he had to have surgery.

The surgeon today said that the adhesion is all around the head of his penis. He is giving us a different prescription for a steroid to put all around the head of it and we are to push the skin around it down so that it hopefully pulls away from the head.

If that doesn't work, in 3 weeks they give us a numbing prescription to put on the head of his little part and then cover it with saran wrap so that it doesn't smear off on his diaper. It has to be on for at least an hour prior to his appointment so that it is numbed and then somehow he will remove the skin from the head of it. His terminology was "break it". I don't like that when it comes to my baby and his body! I think he means break the seal of the skin attached. He said its an in office procedure, no surgery required (thank goodness!) and then we just have to keep Vaseline on it so it doesn't re-adhere.

That takes a load of stress off me since I was really worried about him having to have a surgery and wake up groggy and not like himself. The thought of leaving him with all these doctors who are strapping him down and putting a mask on his face with no mommy or daddy around to comfort him was breaking my freaking heart!

So here's to hoping that us using this cream and pulling the skin down ourselves will do the trick and we won't need any procedure or numbing cream!

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  1. Mandy@hopingforhobertsNovember 11, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    It always helps to get a second opinion! ALWAYS! I can't imagine signing a little one up for that!