Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Urologist Appointment

Poor Emery has had an adhesion on his peepee. They said it was normal after he was circumcised for it to sink back into the fat pouch and would be fine. Well the skin started re-adhering and we were told to just rub the skin back. The next appointment at 4 months I was told to push the skin back like it was a cuticle. Gently of course! That didn't make a difference. He has two little white spots under the skin which they said is "smagma" which is white blood cells and water. It's not an infection.

I thought it was going to be find but they sent a referral for him to see a pediatric urologist.

So Friday we have an appt at 2:45. I hope they don't have to snip my baby again, especially at this old. I don't want him to remember it. Plus if they do I HAVE to stay in the room, I can't leave him alone with a stranger and I'm afraid he's going to be looking at me wondering why I'm not saving him and protecting him.

It's going to be SO hard. He knows me, he knows I'm his mama. He takes comfort in my arms and puts his head in the crook of my neck when I save him from the big bad naps he has to take. He grabs my arm and wraps his arm around it when he's in his crib and I put my hand on the side of his face. I'm his comfort and if I have to watch him be strapped down for a procedure at this age he's going to think I abandoned him.

I'm so torn. I hope we don't have to do much and they say that it'll be fine as he grows and gets active.

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