Thursday, August 25, 2011


Emery has been teething again. I'm not seeing the top two showing through yet so wondering if there might be a couple more next to his bottom two. He's been soooo fussy. I'm hoping his baltic amber necklace starts helping.

This video was from a few weeks ago when he was super happy still. He loves his daddy SOOOO much. Makes my heart feel so full.

Ethan cracks me up. He calls Emery's bumbo, "Bumbobee". He said something about dinner last night and that Emery sat in his bumbobee and not a big boy chair. He always makes me smile with all the silly little things he says.

We took Emery to the race cars again. Ethan also calls the race cars "bump to pass". They do an event called bump to pass but that's what he calls them all the time, even when that isn't the event. Emery was enthralled by the race cars. 

Don't you just love his hoody. Dumptrucks and tractors :)

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