Thursday, August 25, 2011


Emery has been teething again. I'm not seeing the top two showing through yet so wondering if there might be a couple more next to his bottom two. He's been soooo fussy. I'm hoping his baltic amber necklace starts helping.

This video was from a few weeks ago when he was super happy still. He loves his daddy SOOOO much. Makes my heart feel so full.

Ethan cracks me up. He calls Emery's bumbo, "Bumbobee". He said something about dinner last night and that Emery sat in his bumbobee and not a big boy chair. He always makes me smile with all the silly little things he says.

We took Emery to the race cars again. Ethan also calls the race cars "bump to pass". They do an event called bump to pass but that's what he calls them all the time, even when that isn't the event. Emery was enthralled by the race cars. 

Don't you just love his hoody. Dumptrucks and tractors :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 month check up

The kid is a chunk. Stats: 16lb 10oz, 26 inches, head circumference 45cm. He got 4 shots and was a trooper. He nursed afterwards, took a snooze and was fine. Since i've had reactions to apples and peaches he isn't allowed to have them until he is 2. No allergy testing until he's 2 because they don't develop or show up on bloodwork until then. His circumcision is adhering to itself. The doctor said at every diaper change and bath to slowly push it back. Like you do with your cuticles. Ugh, makes me so sad. I was doing it at every bath like i'd been told but it's gotten worse. Doesn't seem to bother him but it's gonna hurt when his little fat pocket goes away when he's active and it starts pulling away itself. THIS is why I wasn't prepared for a boy! I didn't grow up dealing with this stuff. We had 'tutu's' not 'peepee's'. This is terrifying to me!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Touching base.

I've lost track of blogs. I've had so little time to read what's happening with everyone. 3 kids and two jobs has been crazy but a good crazy.

Lets update on Emery:
17 weeks as of today. 4 months and one week. I go by Thursdays and not the 14th as he wouldn't even be considered 4 months. I'm going to ask the pediatrician how I should be figuring out his age at his appointment on the 16th.
As of about a week ago he had his two bottom teeth come through.
2 weeks ago he had his first vegetable...GREEN BEANS. He loved them but as of this week has decided he likes carrots the best.
He has become such a little character. He makes squawks that sound like a pterodactyl. Or what I imagine a pterodactyl sounds like. He giggles and giggles. He thinks his daddy is the funniest man ever.
He adores his "brudders". They are always kissing on him. Ethan reads to him about race cars. One day he was looking away from Ethan and Ethan kept telling him "Emery, look at me. Emery look at me." and when Emery is talking away or crying he copies me and says "tell me all about it." Except he adds "Ethan" to it and rolls his L's. "Tell Ethan allllll about it."
He loves cuddling with daddy. He doesn't cuddle with mama much because she's got the milk so he automatically assumes the position. He acts so crazed if I don't get it out fast enough or to his mouth. He makes me laugh when he smacks his lips and tongue around like a little hungry birdy.
He automatically puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
He has discovered his feet. They don't go to his mouth because I don't think he can stretch them past his big belly. He loves to grab them though, especially his finger toe (big toe).
He can sit up and stay sitting for the most part. He does tip over if we don't catch him.
He HAS to be able to see everything going on. He's very observant like his mama. He's a little people watcher. He can't stand being on the floor where he can't see what everyone else is doing.
He now takes a binky. We try to only give it to him when he is upset or super hungry and we're somewhere that I can't immediately feed him. Sometimes at bedtime but I'm really trying to not start a habit. I don't want him to rely on soothing himself to sleep with the binky.
He loves swinging in the swings at the park.
He can roll from tummy to back and I believe Jake said that he can roll from back to tummy as well but I'm not positive.

Fussy baby so I will have to update more later. Few pics from the past couple weeks.