Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We were supposed to call the court Monday morning and tell them whether we were ready for the trial on Thursday or not. Mom of the Year's lawyer has refused to return any of Jake's phone calls or emails (he was supposed to meet with us to give us his objections to our evidence). Jake called and told them that we aren't ready because we hadn't heard from him. 

Jake had worked from 11pm-7am so he laid down to sleep after he called the court. Thankfully he somehow decided to open his eyes and look over and saw his phone was lit up. He answered and it was the Clerk for the Judge. She said that we had to be in there at 9am to tell the Judge why we were not ready. We had 25 minutes to get ready and get down there so hustled we did. 

We got down there and I decided to wait in the hallway since Emery has become Mister Jabber Jaws and I didn't want the judge to frown at us.

I guess the Judge drilled her lawyer on why he hadn't provided us with his cell phone records as he promised on June 2nd and why he hadn't gotten ahold of Jake. He had no answer Jake said. He was trying to get it continued AGAIN! Finally the guy who does all of the Child Support Orders told the judge it needed to happen SOON because it had been continued so many times and always because of HER LAWYER. So the Judge said this Friday. No more continuances, it IS happening THIS FRIDAY! 

It's about damn time something has worked in our favor. Hopefully as of this Friday the boys will be with us permanently. Say some prayers for us!!!!!

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  1. Wow...some of that is good news and some of it is just plain annoying. I hate non-communication!