Thursday, June 23, 2011


Been a busy couple of days.

I was doing some mystery shopping to help bring in an income but that was a little hard trying to fit it in and not forget about it. I think I did 4. It'll be nice for the extra 45 bucks and 2 free meals.

Everything fell together for us. Even though my salon wouldn't take me back as a stylist because my schedule wasn't flexible enough I decided to wait it out. I knew her marketing person would fall through and maybe she would offer me that. Well come to find out I was correct. So now I'm doing marketing for my SportClips store. I'm also working at a Spa doing natural nails.

I thought I'd hate the idea of just doing manicures and pedicures all day but so far, LOVING IT.

They only needed a tech on call for spa parties and what not. I said that's fine, it's 50% commission. Well they did some advertising and now the phone is ringing off the hook and they need me!

I went in yesterday to get a pedicure done so that the other Nail Tech and I can do them the same way *even though I give a little extra time for the massage ;)* I also got a manicure and a Shellac. Which is a UV Gel polish that soaks off. My polish never stayed on since I was always doing haircuts and shampooing and I HATE chipped gross polish. So tacky. I also quit doing my acrylics because I don't have the time to backfill them, ESPECIALLY WITH AN INFANT in the house now. So this is gonna be great! It stays on for 2-4 weeks without chipping. My only issue is that with my prenatals my nails grow crazy quick so I'll have to stay on top of that part of it.

Well as she was finishing me the phone rang and I answered it. A gal wanted a pedicure but the other tech was booked during the time she wanted it done. She didn't want it any other day so I asked if I could take it and they said YES! So an hour later I was doing my first pedicure at the salon and making money.

They called this morning to see if I could come in at 12:30 for a mani/pedi for a ladies friend. In I went and then got a walk in. Emery ended up having to go to grandma and papa's house so Jake could go to work. I ended up not picking him up until 6.

It's so nice to be working. I get to finally dress up and do my hair and makeup and go pamper other people...and bring in some money to help. I miss the love of my life so terribly much but it makes my day to see him when I get done and see him smile so big when he sees his mama. It makes my heart flutter to know that he KNOWS who I am and associates me with happiness. I love that kid so darn much!

I have a bunch of clients and now return clients plus the marketing job. Life is about to be BUSY for this mama! But between two jobs, my baby, The Bigs, Jake and not feeling like a frumpy mom...I'm on Cloud 9!

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  1. Oh how I've missed your blog!!

    So much I could comment on. First of all you're a rock star for catching all these jobs. I would kill to have something to flexible for the extra cash! Your little man is amazing! Glad to see that all is going well. Hope things are still falling into place with the boys.