Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Emery, 2 months

have passed since my darling boy was born (tomorrow anyway, for now it's 7 weeks and 7 days) I can't even believe it's been that long already.

Things have been hard the past couple days. I've decided which direction to take my life and it's had a lot of drama and emotion. I break down crying at least 4 times a day and not only am I hurting but so are important people in my life. 

However it all feels better when I look at Emery. His gorgeous blue eyes, his goofy and sometimes crooked grin. When he smiles at me all the time and his laugh comes out as a cough. The way that all day today he was babbling, he's figuring out his voice and how to make sounds and it makes me smile. He now converses with me. He makes noise, I make it back, he smiles and makes more noise and it continues for a few minutes. My precious precious boy that I love so much. I don't know how I ever lived without him, he makes my day so special everyday. 

Sometimes I get frustrated that he won't stay latched on and I'm constantly holding myself to his mouth so he eats enough or when he fights naps like no ones business and is sooo fussy while I'm trying to get stuff done.

But he makes me laugh when he pees on himself, or when he peed in my face while getting a bath, or when I was changing his diaper and he started pooping and it was zigzagging across the changing area like mustard on a sandwich, or when he spits up and then smiles like he's so proud of himself. Or when he scrunches up his face and makes all the ridiculous noises he can when he's pooping, or when he stops eating to rumble his little butt cheeks with a far louder than I've ever heard.

He makes my world go round. Sometimes he needs mama to just hold him and cuddle...and sometimes, more often than not this mama just needs her little man to cuddle and talk to and make me remember the important things in life.

Here's a pic of him yesterday sitting up so proud and strong in cousin Hadley's walker. He loved the thing!

p.s. sorry if you can never eat mustard again :)

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