Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 Month Well Care Visit

My sweet sweet boy had his 2 month well care visit today.

Weight 13lb8oz - 89th Percentile
Height 23 1/4" - 64th Percentile
Head Circumference 15.7" - 52nd Percentile

He had to get 4 shots. His 2nd Hep B, RotaTech (rotavirus), DTaP, Polio, Hib, Pneumococcal (PCV, PPSV). I guess that equals 6 but there was only 3 actual shots and the Rotavirus was an oral vaccine with a live virus.

She said it can give him loose stools and to wash with warm soapy water after changing him otherwise we could catch the Rotavirus disease.

I forget what Jake thought he would weigh and I was thinking 16. He was gaining a pound a week so I figured he'd be at that. Seems like he's slowing down but he's getting a lot taller. 2 inches in just a little over a month. Gonna be tall like his daddy!

His soft spot is perfect, ears and eyes looked good, heart and tummy sounded good. However he has a little umbilical hernia. She said it's small and has a little fluid in it which is why it sticks out a little sometimes. She said that it heals by the time they are 2 years old.

I had a question about his circumcision because it seems like some days it looks like it's stuck to itself. She said that is adhered in a few spots but that it's very normal. As it grows it will separate. She said it can look like a little paper cut and to just put neosporin on it but other than that just fine. WHEW!

He got poked and then got SO red and wasn't breathing for about 20 seconds and I started to get scared and then he let it out and cried. The nurse said she thought he would scream but he didn't. I wish I could have held him but I got to afterwards and then fed and comforted him for a couple minutes. He passed out in the car.

We took Ethan to the park to play and he ate in the car a little bit but he was pretty out of it asleep.

He came home and was a super happy baby. He hasn't really been irritable at all, just smiling and chatting away to daddy and I.

He refused to nap later that day and then took a bath with mommy. He loves baths when he's not in the baby tub. He floats in my hands and smiles and talks and talks.

All I can say is that I am so happy with the pediatrician. The Doctor we took him to for his 10 day check up wasn't very nice. I had recommendations from a friend and supposedly is doctor of the year for the past couple years and always makes the Top 100 Doctors of Spokane. Jake wasn't impressed with the office or Doctor Morgan. He didn't ask us if we had any questions and had no recommendations. Just checked him out said we had a perfect baby and was out the door.

Kathy Moudy is who we chose to switch to. She's at the office that Jake takes the boys to. I didn't care for the male doctor there, who used to be the partner of the first doctor we took him too. Either way neither were personable and I definitely didn't want Doctor Olson. However Kim and Kathy there are wonderful. Kathy had great advice all the times we had take Ethan in for his bloody diaper rashes. She was just a great with Emery. She was very informative and caring. She gave us lots of tips for tummy time. She told us to switch the sides we feed and carry him on as feeding or carrying on one side can cause bigger muscles in one side and then leads to a crooked head. Thankfully I'm really good about that but it was good to know either way.

I'm glad that there are still doctors out there that are caring and compassionate. They are doctors because they care, never will I take my child to a provider who has been in the business for so long that they've lost the heart to help people.

I'll end this with a few pics of the love of my life :)

Sleeping just like his mama.

"I don't care if you don't get a nap mama."

The monster smiling away minutes later...missing a nap isn't so bad when I getta look at this face!

Taken today after his appointment. Chubby boy!

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