Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well Mama is sick.

Whenever I start to get sick I immediately go to the doctor the next day. I refuse to suffer for very long. They always try to not give me antibiotics and it makes me mad. I KNOW it's going to get worse. It's not like antibiotics are addictive sheesh.

Thankfully the doctor today was sooo nice. Most talkative male doctor I've ever met. He said that since I have a history of strep throat and sinus infections he was going to take my word and give me some antibiotics. THANK YOU DR. HUBBARD.

The last thing I want is for Emery to get sick. I'm thankful that I'm breastfeeding/pumping so that when I'm sick or anyone else my body makes antibodies against that sickness and it protects him. 

Jake showed up with Ethan and of course he is sick with a snotty nose. I understand sickness happens but these kids are always freaking sick. She is so filthy and I GUARANTEE she does not make them wash their hands or anything of the sort at their house. Add to the fact that they're always in dirty clothes I again GUARANTEE that she doesn't wash their bedding. Oh wait, Nathan sleeps on a couch in his own urine every night so there is no bedding to wash there. I wanna slap her silly. Not only are her children suffering when they're always sick because she can't provide proper nutrition, sleep or a clean environment, their sickness then is brought to our house and I now have an infant. An infant that I do NOT want getting sick. His poor little body doesn't need to go through that his first month in the world. 

I Lysol'ed everything down this afternoon and am keeping Emery on lock down. The boys aren't allowed near him. No touching him or giving him kisses good night. Call my a control freak or whatever but I choose to keep him as safe as possible for as long as possible and the last thing Jake and I want is to be up allllll night because we have a sick little one who can't sleep or breathe and is fussy. Not happening. She won't take them to the doctor so I know that Friday morning we'll be taking them both to the doctor.

Lets hope this all clears up soon before my little baby gets it.

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