Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm so thankful for Emery. As much as he's driven me crazy the past couple nights he's kept me sane. He's the only thing that kept me from walking out of the house this morning. Instead of completely losing it I had him to hold and kiss and cuddle with.

I'm so emotional and aggravated lately and I feel like he is the only thing keeping me grounded. Maybe I'm going stir crazy stuck inside and the lack of sleep has finally caught up with me. I have so much on my mind and it's so hard to sort out when I'm now a mommy. I need to get out and go visit people. I think tomorrow I'll load up the baby if it's nice and go for a walk, do something besides sit here and dwell and let my thoughts run and sometime soon I need to go get my massage.

Hopefully all that helps or my sane side might be checking out for awhile.


  1. You do need some fresh air. Go walk the park, make a trip to Tar-jay, have someone watch the baby while you nap! Take it one day, one hour, even one minute at a time. With every passing moment it gets easier, and when you'll look back you'll totally see it!

  2. It's so hard to be in the house (even when you know it's good for the baby). It just about drove me nuts, but this too shall pass, right?