Monday, May 9, 2011

Sad day for Emery and Mama

Today Emery got circumcised. It was heartbreaking. 

They said we could stay with him or wait outside and they'd come get us. Who doesn't stay in there at least one person?! Jake I knew couldn't because he gets supppper queasy about that kind of stuff. Obviously I wasn't going to leave my baby alone strapped to a table, he needed someone there to touch him and talk to him.

So they strapped him down and cleaned him up, gave his little shot and then went about it. I couldn't watch all of it but I saw a few parts. He said he couldn't feel any pain just pressure and tugging. At one point I saw SHOCK on his face and he got stiff and started crying, the sugar water didn't help that. I almost lost it. I got choked up and just kept rubbing his cheek and telling him he was being such a good boy and it'd be done in just a minute.

I tried breastfeeding him afterwards but he kept stopping to cry and choking on the milk. I felt so terrible putting him through it. He just kept fussing and fussing even though they numbed it. We immediately went to walmart to get some baby Tylenol. 

Thankfully he's been sleeping most of the time. He slept from the doctors to the store to home, to daddy's chest. Then he ate for daddy. I know he hurts because usually he keeps his hands up by his face or on his chest and since the procedure he's kept them balled up and down next to his legs. He didn't want to breastfeed again so I made him a bottle and sat him up on a pillow and boppy and fed him and now he's sleeping. I hope he'll sleep good all day and tonight and hopefully the pain will start to cease. I just want him to feel better ASAP. I just wanna cuddle him but he keeps tossing himself around and fussing so I'll just leave him how he's comfortable.

He also weighed 10lbs 5oz today. He's gained almost 2 lbs since birth. He'll be a month on Thursday. Mama makes good milk! He also grew 3/4" and from what I've read most babies grow 1/4" a month. He's gonna be a tall boy like his daddy.

Mama loves you Emery and I'm so so sorry I put you through that, I hope you feel better soon.


  1. omg...he's a BIG BOY!!! soothe yourself with the fact that he'll never remember this. one question though...don't they typically do this before you leave the hospital? you'll have to remember that i hit "mark all as read" last week, so i may have missed something!

  2. Not here, they have it done at whatever doctor's office you choose if they offer it. I don't know why they took it out of the hospitals but they did.