Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Overwhelmed x's a bunch..

I have so much to do. (Mind you this is a lengthy post.)

-Make a bigger sling for my chunky boy.
-Unload the dishwasher again.
-Feed baby.
-Feed baby and keep him from fussing.
-Labeling our 35 pages of neglect photos with the dates and who took them. 35pages x's 3pics on each page = 105 labels.
-Labeling our who even knows how many pages of "mom of the years" party/drunken/idiot pictures of where we got them and the dates.
-Pray that after ALL this prep work that the judge doesn't dismiss any of our evidence and all that work has went down the drain.
-Feed baby.
-Attempt to eat dinner.
-Give baby a bath.
-Take a shower.
-Find more mystery shops to do and look for jobs on craigslist.
-Go to bed before 10 or 11 and not lay there worrying all night.

I'm terrified for court. Thursday we have our Motion to Compel trial. Her lawyer threatened us months ago to return the Interrogatories within one week instead of the 30 days stated in the paperwork that we had. He was able to do this because we hadn't gotten the first set of them because we hadn't updated our address with the court so a month had already passed. Instead of giving us the month from when we actually got them he gave us a week. We didn't want to pay his attorney fees so I stayed up late how many nights 9 months pregnant and exhausted to get it done.

We requested the same information from him and he was PISSED OFF. However he agreed that we deserved the information from them as well (dumbass, it's a law that they have to return it if requested). We had it done in a week for them and he agreed to have theirs returned the following Friday. Mind you we had 46 pages of interrogatories to fill out and will all the requested information we ended up with more than 400 pages of paperwork for them.

It has been 2 1/2 months and they have not returned the information to us. Her lawyer said that they have no evidence all they have is a financial declaration. Mind you she has never worked a job in her 27 years of life and only gets child support. ONE SECTION to fill out and some questions on how she thinks she is the better parent. That takes 2 1/2 months to return when I had ours done in 7 days. REALLY?! REALLLLY?!?

So we have court on Thursday because we had to file a motion with the court to order them to provide us with this information since they aren't following the Court Rules and having it returned when stated. They do this simply so that they waste more time and keep trying to have the trial continued so she keeps them in her custody a little while longer.

Lemme state that she is scared of losing them because of everything we have against her. I'll have to go into detail after court is over. However she just got engaged. To a guy she met at a bar. 2 months ago. Who broke up with her because he wasn't interested. They've been back together a month and engaged. He has been around the boys 4 times. I repeat FOUR times and she is going to marry him. How do you know what type a person he is and how he will treat your kids when the newness of the relationship wears off?! IDIOT!

Who cares, more power to her if she found someone to put up with her ghetto ass and rotting teeth. I just hope he doesn't knock her up because what's he going to do when she is online all day, not cleaning the house, wailing on their kid, leaving the kid in a diaper so long that he has bloody diaper rashes every week? Leaving the baby in a corral she has made from gates with his mattress in it and drinking rotten milk because she won't make new bottles and chokes because the infant is just handed chicken nuggets to gnaw on or when she leaves the kid in the bathtub for 2 hours because she's online and forgets he's in there. He's got a reality check coming to him if he knocks her up. I feel sooo bad thinking any child will have to be born from her and suffer like our boys. I'm hoping that this is all a ploy for court. To make it look like they're going to move in and be a family instead of her living with her mom, dad, uncle, older brother and her two kids. I hope the court sees through her charades.

Even more scary than that is our Trial is Monday. The big day as to whether we can win custody or not. If the judge has any common sense to see how neglectful and selfish she is. I pray that she realizes how much better off the boys are not in her custody and they can start living normal lives. That Nathan can live and act like an 8 year old and not the mentality of a brainwashed little boy. 

I'm so scared that if we don't get custody how far this will spiral downward. That Nathan will still be wetting the bed every night until he's a teenager, that Ethan will still be put in diapers when he's 7 just like she did with Nathan. That Ethan will have bloody diaper rashes every week and wearing too small of clothes. That they won't have proper sleeping arrangements and a mother who leaves them home alone to go to a party. Not only do I worry about their safety but what it's going to do to my relationship.

If I'm going to spend another year and more with someone who is constantly stressed for his kids. So stressed that he doesn't eat, doesn't sleep, hears me but doesn't remember what I just said because he is off in la-la land. So stressed that he doesn't think about holding my hand or doing the little things for our relationship that really matters. 

All of this is so hard and stressful. I'm ready for a normal family life. With healthy happy kids, fun weekends, a loving non stressed boyfriend who can focus on his relationship a little more, watching my little Emery grow up with brothers who live with him and can be positive role models. I hope the judge listens and cares and puts those boys where THEY deserve to be. The place that is in the best interest for them.

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