Saturday, May 21, 2011

its 3:30 am

and I'm posting a blog.

I wasn't able to last week because blogger had a massive meltdown for like two days. I got one typed on my phone and then it made me force close and I lost it so I said eff it. 

Also Jake has been on vacation so I've tried to avoid much time on the computer and spend time with him and my baby boy. Add in the fact that we've had SO SO SO much court shit to deal with. This coming week I'll be busy preparing our exhibits. Over 50 pictures of neglect, 75 pages of her Facebook/Myspace status' that have incriminating evidence and 80+ pages of medical documents. The shit never ends, I can't wait till this allll over and we can just enjoy our life and not be making weekly trips to the courthouse and stressing me out when they demand other crap. Pro Se is HARD work but it'll be rewarding to know we've done it all ourselves and no lawyer.

Emery is constantly changing and I feel like I'll forget everything if I don't blog it.

Lately he's been trying really hard to talk, he'll make his little baby noises as we talk to him but he's still trying to figure it out. Though I know once he starts he won't stop. 

He's been sleeping 6-7 hours. So nice! 

I think he's going through a growth spurt because he's constantly eating lately.

At our WIC appointment he was 21 3/4" long and weighed 11lb 5oz. The lady was very impressed with his weight gain even though I was a little worried that he's going to be HUGE. She said that's perfect as breastfeeding weight goes on much quicker and goes away quicker as it is a healthy fat they put on compared to formula fed babies who gain weight slower and then it's not as easy to get off when they become mobile.

He still loves to look around except you have to hold him. He's only content sitting up on the couch like a big boy for about 10 minutes and then wants held to look around.

He's smiling like crazy and I'm always trying to catch it on the camera. 

I have pictures to post but I hate dealing with the cord and upload crap. Plus we have no photo editor so it's a PIMA to fix any pictures and when I do it doesn't want to make a second copy to edit and just edit's the original. DUMB!

Tomorrow(today since it's 3:30am) is Ethan's 3rd birthday party. Mind you his birthday was April 30th. The weekend we tried for it seemed Jake's family had stuff going on, so we tried for the next weekend and had thunderstorms predicted, when the day arrived it was GORGEOUS and sunny. Go figure it's played out that way for who knows how many. So we stuck with today rain or shine. Go figure again that it said sunshine for a week now and is now predicting thunderstorms. Soooo stupid. We got his cake from Costco. SO EXCITED for some of that damn cake. I wanted to bust into it numerous times today.

When I was pregnant I didn't crave sweets, I'm really usually not a sweets person but since I've had him I really want crap. Like cookies which I've made like 4 batches of since he's been born. I want brownies but I'd eat the whole pan to myself and feel like a fatty and now I want cake.

I feel like I've gained weight back since I was down to 6lbs heavier than prepregnancy. I feel like I eat way too much, especially because Jake eats barely anything so I feel especially fat. But at the WIC appointment I stepped on the scale and the lady said WOW! Then she asked numerous times to make sure that I wasn't dieting. I kept telling her no, no diet. I feel like I eat too much but I know that it's necessary to have enough milk production and feed my little one.

I need to make sure I start eating healthier and I have been trying. More salads and protein and trying to avoid the carbs as much. I LOVE CARBS! It's hard.

Anyway enough of that, I'm pumping and the bottle is too full and came squirting out the little whole to prevent damage when it's too full and ran all down my leg. We're going to be cleaning couches and the floors soon. 

Oh anddd my work wont' work with me on hours because I'm not flexible enough. I had an interview today/yesterday at a Salon and Spa. 50% commission. No set hours, basically on call until they get the clientele as they just opened 2 weeks ago. But some money is better than none so I'm trying. Keeping an eye out for other jobs meanwhile. Hopefully I'll get it, it'll be nice to have something to keep me in the beauty industry and be able to move up.

I'm off to bed now, gotta get those zzz's for the big day tomorrow.

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