Sunday, May 29, 2011


Emery fights sleep like it's no ones business. He is making me INSANE. He's sooo tired but won't sleep in his swing, won't sleep in his bed, doesn't want to sleep in the car. He just wants to sleep on mama or daddy and we are far too busy with court exhibits and preparation to sit here and rock him all day. Such a bad habit to start.

I finally just nursed him even though I doubt he was all that hungry after 4oz of bottle and swaddled him as best as I could in the little blanket. (They need to make receiving blankets a lot bigger for the kids that are healthy chunks and too long for the small ones). I stuck him in the swing and draped a blanket over the top of it so he can't stare around. (Thank you sister for the tip!) I also made sure that there was plenty of air flow so he doesn't suffocate. Hopefully that does the trick.

Now I need to eat lunch and figure out how to print these damn labels for all our exhibits for court. It keeps saying our paper isn't the right size but we've followed all the directions on the Avery website. 

Between Emery and label making I may not have any hair left on my head tonight. *counts to ten*

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