Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Weeks

My Handsome Emery,

Today you are 3 weeks. You are growing SO fast. I wish it would slow down because I'm going to miss all your cuddles when you start getting all active.

You seem to hate laying on your back or side unless you're asleep. I think you are going to be like your cousin Hadley and so curious. You like to look around and be able to see everything.

You have gotten SO noisy. You're always grunting and growling. Yesterday at court I decided I better take you in the hall so that we weren't going to disturb anyone if you got noisy. Was a good call for mommy and daddy because you started getting really noisy and everyone in the hall was smirking. You then proceeded to barf all over me, right between the boobs and down my belly. 

You have become a very gassy baby. I have special bottles that keep the air out but you still get massive farts. The other night you were farting for 3 minutes non stop and making all your silly noises in your sleep. You were so loud you woke me up. Daddy had just got home from work and come into the room and was cracking up because it was that ridiculous. We got you some Mylicon and it's seemed to have helped a lot. I need to see how exactly it works because it seems like it makes you burp more. I'm not sure if that's possible but I'll find out in a bit.

Everyone compliments us on how perfect and adorable you are. I'm so bad with compliments regarding myself from strangers but I smile so big and thank them when they compliment you. You pretty much are the cutest little guy ever.

Daddy's new favorite thing to do is give you Eskimo kisses. Sometimes you smile. You smile so much and I absolutely love it, you have the cutest smile. I cannot wait for the day that you smile FOR us, knowingly smiling out of happiness and not just because you dumped half your body weight into your diaper or belched loud enough that it seems it should hit on the Richter Scale.

You are sleeping pretty well in your bassinet. When you don't we put you in the swing and you sleep. Sometimes you won't want to go to sleep but if I have just changed you and you have a full tummy I let you fuss it out. Takes no more than 10 minutes and you are zonked out and you sleep the best then, probably exhausted from your crying.

I've tried to work on a schedule but it hasn't worked so well the past few nights as we've been busy. I try to breast feed you during the day and you do your snacking then. Then I "plan" to give you a bottle of formula and put you down at 7 and hopefully get a little sleep myself as it's easier to deal with you for that hour/hour and a half in the middle of the night when you wake up. The other night however we visited Grandma Rachel (my grandma) and had dinner there so you got to bed late and last night you met your Gamma (my mom) for the first time. She still thinks you have strawberry blonde as my dad (Papa Travis) had strawberry blonde hair growing up she said. I still don't think so. So tonight I'm going to feed you and put you down in your crib at 7. I'm terrified of SIDS but you don't move enough or grab your blanket yet so I feel we are safe to put you in there with a warm blanket. I need to buy more fleecy sleep sacks so you won't need a blanket because you're jama's are warm enough.

Last night you went down at 10pm and slept until 4am. I was so shocked. You were in your swing though so hopefully tonight you do just as well.

You get a bath every other night. I quit using the baby tub that daddy had from your brothers because it reclines weird and the suction cups don't suction. It's then really odd to hold you and you move your head around and slide down too far. Last night mama just supported your head and back and held you and let you float. You really seemed to like that and didn't even fuss once, not even when I washed your hair.

Monday you have your procedure done. I'm going to be a big emotional crying mess. I can't stand the thought of them strapping you down naked on a table. I hope that as soon as they're done and I can breast feed you that you won't hurt or be upset. I hope it's easy to care for and that you heal quick. I'm SO sorry that I'm going to be causing you this pain but I hope that it makes things easier for you some day. I've done lots of research and sat on the fence trying to decide what is best for you and chose this JUST BARELY. I hope you won't remember it and that it won't last long so I can cuddle you and make it all better.

I'm not sure what else to update on, I'm sleepy as I had to take some medicine for the start of a really bad headache. I'm gonna lay on the couch and cuddle with you. I love you so so so much. I tell you hundreds of times a day but you can never say it too much.


  1. I totally understand on the SIDS thing. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of it. Even more so that we're having a girl and the chances increase just from that :(

  2. What a sweet update (minus the farting and barfing)! Love it!