Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Emery, 1 Month

Yesterday my little monster turned 1 month old. Where has the time gone?! Pretty soon I have to go back to work and i have no freakin idea how I'm gonna do it. Jake is an amazing, wonderful, patient and loving daddy but sometimes we do things differently and the control freak mommy in me wants it done a certain way. I have to learn to let go because he will be perfectly fine! My locker at work will be plastered with pictures of him but i'll be sad to be missing his happy smiley self in the morning. We'll post a few stats. -drinks 4-5 oz at every bottle feeding which is the 2 times at night and whenever i have to pump so we can run errands. -usually sleeps 4hours at a time -has to be bounced on daddy's lap to get the tough burps out. -has started to reach for things. I'll be nursing and talking to him and he'll reach for my face and put his hand on my cheek. -Loves to smile when you talk to him. He always grins when I tell him he's so handsome or that his diaper is pee-yew. -he knows mama's voice and smiles. -can roll himself from his belly to back during tummy time.

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