Thursday, April 7, 2011

the waiting continues...

Little Emery,

We are patiently, or in all honesty not so patiently waiting for your arrival. I even shaved my legs today and hope to conquer a new polish on my toes. Daddy was disappointed he had to go to work today, we were really hoping for today. Your grandma's are getting anxious, especially daddy's mom. She is so funny! She's told me to do jumping jacks or go for a run. Today I looked at our messenger and saw this that she sent when daddy was online.

Grandma says
Baby yet?

Daddy says
Grandma says
I guess we are going to have to resort to extreme measures---how about taking Kayla on a 10 mile run! LOL!
Daddy says
i dont think that will be happening lol
Grandma says
Cliff diving?!! LOL!
Daddy says
how would that help? lol
Grandma says
Head first in the water and the laws of pressure--I'm assuming that it would some what like popping a pimple! LOL!
Daddy says
oh, ok lol
Grandma says
I'm getting very impatient, here waiting! LOL!
I'll let you go for now, but if you need anymore "ideas" just let me know! LOL!

Daddy says
ok lol

I was thinking just a couple days ago that no one had been bugging me and now suddenly everyone is checking in. Grandma calls everyday to ask how I'm feeling, my Grandma Rachel called yesterday and today and a few friends have asked if we're getting close.

All day yesterday I felt nothing until that evening and I was feeling really crampy. I'm guessing it was from dehydration (because daddy takes all the tea to work and I have to wait for a new batch to brew). However in the middle of the night I woke up to a couple contractions. For once they were uncomfortable and I was almost wondering if that was it. Usually I cuddle up to daddy's back but my tummy was so hard and tight that it hurt for it to touch him. You were partying again for most of the night. I wonder if that's a sign that you're not ready yet as they say its supposed to slow down. Your daytime antics have slowed quite a bit but night time you're rolling around a lot. I think you know when I'm thinking about you because you always give me a couple good jabs, especially when I'm blogging.

Today we went to the store to get a few things for dinner since we have your brothers for the weekend. Plus I had to get a word search for the hospital in case I get bored. I was hoping the little bit of walking would help but nothing. Daddy left for work and I vacuumed the house and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I boiled eggs earlier so we can have egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs. Mommy LOVES deviled eggs, however if I eat them and go into labor we're going to have some problems. The look on daddy's face was pretty classic when he caught my drift (no pun intended). I also am going to make some banana nut muffins. I also caved to my craving for oreo's and bought some today. So now i'm going to go enjoy a couple of those and hope you start making more progress!


P.S. Tomorrow we get our maternity photos. So excited to see them :)


  1. Hopefully he'll wait till the boys are gone so you can surprise them with a new baby brother next week! That will be one less thing to worry about.

    Can't wait to see the maternity photos, I really wish I would have had the time to get those done.