Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still waiting..

Allllll day yesterday I had contractions. It's funny how just being checked can cause that. I for sure thought he'd be coming sometime today or tomorrow. The contractions were so tight and I could actually feel them.They usually are just like menstrual cramps, but these ones make my belly ROCK HARD except down at the bottom where I've got flab. That throws me off a little bit.

Today I think I had one or two. Nothin'. I had dreams about him making his arrival. He was moving around so much last night that it actually woke me up a couple times and that doesn't usually happen. In one dream he pushed so hard against one side of my stomach that his little head was pushing out of my skin by about 2 inches and when he turned his head I could see his itty bitty nose. It was so real I woke up thinking it had actually happened.

He either needs to come tonight/tomorrow or not until Sunday as we have the boys Friday and Saturday and I can't deal with all that.

C'mon Emery! Mama's hips can't handle trying to walk you out and I'm too lazy to go buy Red Raspberry tea! Daddy and I are anxious to meet you and your bag for the hospital is packed!