Monday, April 18, 2011

Sneak peek!

Just a few pics of Emery.


  1. Look at the tiny, perfectness! I hope he is letting you get some rest!! He is too much! So amazing how something so small make such a big impact.

    So I have to ask, how are you feeling? Is everyone adjusting well? I guess you didn't make it to the pre-trial conference? :(

    Hope all is well!

  2. He is so perfect. Congrats! Being a mommy is wonderful! I hope you're adjusting well!

  3. I'd hate to jinx myself but he's a piece of cake. I'll post a birth story but besides 24 hours of labor the actual delivery was so easy and recovery has been easy as well. He sleeps A LOT so I haven't really been too tired. It'll be different when daddy goes to work and I have him all evening to myself though.

    Our pre-trial conference was continued THANK GOD! Daddy was in a panic that we were screwed but they understood that we were having a baby and continued it till Thursday so we're ok so far :)

  4. TOO FREAKING CUTE!!! He looks like he's throwing up gang signs in the 2nd picture...I love it! Enjoy your moments!!