Monday, April 4, 2011

Officially Nervous! 39W1D OB Appt

I woke up this morning and felt slightly gassy. I think its the extra iron I popped since I had read that if you're low on iron labor can be much more difficult because you tire much easily. GREAT! I was already low.

My appt was at 9:30 so I got up at 8:10 to have time to shower and get ready. I figured no big deal if I was gassy I could hold it and since I wasn't being checked I wouldn't have to worry about embarrassing myself! I had gotten checked last week and no change so I was going to wait until week 40 if he hadn't arrived yet.

We go through the start of the appointment like normal. Bev couldn't find his heart rate loud and clear where she usually does and I mentioned he felt a lot higher in my stomach lately and touched up above my belly button to the left. She set the Doppler there and immediately he was loud and clear. Mama knows best! 136 she said. He's sleeping again, preparing for his entrance! Then she mentioned that Shelly was going to check me and that there was also a student with her today and did I mind having them be in there? I said no, my modesty has pretty much went out the door since I got pregnant. She handed me the oh so comfy paper table and walked out. I looked at Jake and said "oh no!" while in my head I was immediately praying that I didn't fart on her when she started to check me. Then I figured I had better suck it up because how many women have they seen poop on the table and a little toot wasn't going to be an issue.

She came in and had the student measure. She was a pretty, young female so I was a little more at ease then. Measuring on target and he was still head down. Shelley asked if I would mind the student checking me after she did if the exam was an easy one. I said that was fine. Getting checked hurt like HELL last week and I was internally cringing at the thought of two of them today but she needs to learn so I could live with it. She checked me and I was again trying to crawl up and off the table. She told me that I'm dilated to a 3 and 70-80% effaced and he's sitting at -2. She looks at me and asks me if I want to "stir things up". I was like "Oh no!" or maybe it was "Uh, no!". That hurt enough without her running her ringer around the inside of my cervix to "stir things up." I'll take a rain check thanks! It's exciting to find out but as soon as we walked out I felt so nervous. The time is actually coming so fast! The student thankfully didn't check me because Shelley must have felt me trying to crawl out of my skin.

Then I started thinking how soon its going to be over and how much I'm going to miss it. I won't have my belly anymore, I love my belly knowing he's safe and warm in there. That I won't be able to feel his little squirms and kicks anymore and I'll have to share him. That it'll be so much harder to keep him safe out in the real world, he's not housed in his little home where he's always safe.

I know that once I hold him all those worries will disappear. I'll be so happy to see him and love him but I have no idea what to expect right now and that's where I get nervous. I like to have things planned just so and know exactly what is going to happen and when so that I can be prepared. You can't do that with labor and a baby unless you have a scheduled c-section.

I still hadn't gotten a diaper bag so we had to go to the mall after the appointment. I don't want a regular diaper bag, they're all huge and ugly. I wanted an over sized purse that would fit everything I need, still be cute and still hold a few of my needed things. We walked all over that damn mall. The ones I liked cost about an arm and a leg. NOT paying 88.00 for a damn purse that is gonna have baby poop, pee, puke whatever else they produce...drool and SNOT...on it. I found one I liked better than anything else around its price range at Pac-Sun.

Jake doesn't care for it, but the day he starts carrying a man purse then I'll let him decide. I can never find a purse I like until the time I don't need/can't afford one and then I find the most amazing one. He told me not to settle on this if I didn't want it but I HAVE to have a diaper bag and this was the best for my price range. It's cuter in person. Jake uses a backpack, that's easiest for him so we'll each have our own bag so he won't have to worry about carrying this.

I also had to take a couple pictures before it was too late and Emery came before I could.

Ignore the fact that my belly hangs lower on one side. Apparently I have more fat on that side :x

Thankfully he'll be coming sooner rather than later. I just barely started getting a stretch mark off an old one. You can't even see it in the picture from what I can tell. So now less chance of it growing out of control :)

I'm feeling brain dead now. I'll post more later if I realize I've forgotten anything.


  1. Ohmahgawd! Holy bellies batman! I can't believe the ride is almost over!

    So good luck and all that jazz, incase you don't post between now and then. I can unfortunately say that I still miss being pregnant, but I love having my girls soo much more! We use the backpack method too and I did find a simple black bag that I use for the "going out"diaper bag. I could never carry around anything pastel with characters on it.

  2. holy crap...i love that belly.

    i remember, after having the crazies, wanting that tummy back b/c it was just so much EASIER when they were in there!!! you're doing great...hang in there!

    p.s. i never had a real diaper also might want to check out tarjay.

  3. Target was actually the first place I checked! They used to have the best of everything and the one here SUCKS. I was so disappointed I didn't find anything there. Just so glad I did find one!